Tuesday, October 26, 2010

American Apparel Berry

Nail polish nightmare number two from this week.  First was the disaster that was China Glaze Ingrid, and now it's American Apparel Berry.  When I heard AA was in trouble financially I decided that I should probably buy up all of their polishes.  I got Berry when I bought Hunter and...I think Palm Springs (3 polishes for $15...you guys know the drill).  Berry is a nice, safe color.  A beautiful, deep, cool-toned red.  Riiiiiight up my alley.  I put it on the night before last, let it dry completely, did a little homework, then got in the shower.  What'd it look like when I got out of the shower?  Let me show you.

Here's my left hand, the one I normally show you.  Do you...do you see those chips?  DO YOU SEE THEM?  Particularly on my index and ring fingers.  I couldn't believe it.

For aesthetics' sake, here is my right hand.  But as you can see, there is major tipwear.  MAJOR TIPWEAR.  After two hours!  I know I took a shower, but my nails were dry!  They were dry, I swear! What the hell, American Apparel?  I use the same base and topcoats that I always use, so that's no excuse.  This has never happened to me with an AA before.

Berry just happened to match the sweater dress I was wearing yesterday.  I love me a sweater dress.  People have often told me that they could never dress the way I do every day (dresses and tights always, until lately when I added jeans to the mix--scandal!) but sweater dresses are like pajamas.  This one was from H&M and I got it for $34.95.  I've shown you this belt before, also from H&M, $12.95.

Back to the polish.  I love the color of Berry.  I absolutely adore it.  The formula was, of course, flawless.  Looking at the pictures on the macro setting I realize that I could have used a third coat, but I think that if I wasn't scrutinizing my own nails two coats would be just fine.  I'm sad this chipped so fast because I would have kept it on for at least a few days.  Pout.  Alright, I'm going to remove Berry and chose another polish.  This next one better not suck.  I'm getting disheartened.


  1. Too bad about the chips, but it does look fantastic with the sweater dress!!

  2. So surprised you had problems with this one! I wore this just last week and it lasted me a good 3 days with minimal tipwear...maybe you got a bad bottle?


  3. Aw man, that sucks with the wear time because that polish is gorgeous.

  4. I was surprised I had problems with this one too. AA is always so awesome.

  5. OMFG I love your sweater dress and that belt. WANTTTTTT You make me want to spend money and I love/hate you for it! <3

  6. Hahaha, Kelseeeeaaaa. The sweater dress came in four different colors. The belt has been a dear friend to me but is now too big, sadly. I love me some metal studs.

  7. i'm so glad i'm not the only freak who had AA polish chip in a ridiculous amount of time. everyone raved about it. the colors are great, yes, but the formula is horrid.


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