Thursday, October 07, 2010

It's Coming Together

As promised, I'm updating with pictures of my living room.  I finally got my couch today.  I think I mentioned in my last post that the first couch I picked out wouldn't fit up the stairs into my apartment even though the salesman assured me that it would.  I had to go pick out a new couch last weekend.  I was very annoyed.  I went back the furniture place and it took me forever to pick out the one I got, but here it is.

I know it looks big, but it's a sectional that comes apart in two pieces so it wasn't a big deal to get up the stairs.  Thank God.  The color goes well with my crazy rug and my nice picture of the Flatiron above my mantle.  I'm not crazy about the throw pillows, but I'll deal with them for now.  I'm pretty psyched to have a couch.  I've been sitting on a small, hard desk chair for the past six weeks.  My ass cheeks hurt.  Now I'll finally have somewhere to snuggle up and read.  As soon as the whole thing was assembled I wedged myself riiiiiight into the corner.  My boyfriend covered me with pillows and I asked him to take a picture so I could send it to my dad as photographic evidence that the couch arrived.

That's why I love me a sectional:  a nice corner for my butt.  It's going to be a cozy fall.  

And now I'm going to have a little rant that has absolutely with nail polish or couches.  Grad school.  It's no secret to anyone that I'm having problems adjusting.  I'm now going to school about 40 minutes from where I grew up (the east side versus the west side of Cleveland), so that's just making the adjustment even harder because I can go home whenever I want.  I go pretty much every weekend.  Sometimes I go in the evenings just to hang out at Coffee Inc.  It's a problem.  I need to just grow up and stop running home to my friends.  I'm cat-sitting for my parents this weekend, though, so I'll definitely be there come tomorrow.

Also, the orientation at graduate school just sucks.  In undergrad we had an extensive orientation so we could meet everyone.  We had tours of the campus.  Here, I have no idea where the fuck anything is.  I had to go pay the bursar the other day and I was just totally lost.  I know that's partially my fault, but I like to think that the institution has some responsibility to help a sister out.  I don't feel like I even go to school at my school.  I feel like I go to school at the art museum.  I always forget that our colors are blue and white.  Basically I just feel disconnected and it's weird.

I think I just feel alone.  This transition has been the hardest one of my life, I think because I haven't had a buddy to go through it with me from the very beginning.  I've made one really good friend, M, and I know I can always talk to her about whatever.  And I do.  She's in my program so it's nice to have a partner in crime.  Part of the problem is definitely that I took a year off between undergrad and grad.  My confidence level is basically a zero right now because I feel like it has been so long since I've written about art or since I've had to speak intelligently about it.  I'm doing alright and seeing that little letter "A" at the end of my papers is a nice confidence booster, but I just can't shake the feeling of inadequacy.  

I think I would feel a lot better if I had Raven here with me for cuddling purposes, but I don't want to uproot him right now.  He's the king of his own little castle at my parents' house and they love him.  I do miss him, though...

Look at that little troublemaker.  I adore him.

My boyfriend did mention last night that he'd take me to the APL to pick out another kitten, but what's the point of that?  Then I'd have two kitties that would have to get used to each other eventually, when I finally do decide to uproot Raven.  I don't know.  The prospect is rather enticing, honestly.  I love kittens.  But who doesn't?  I don't think that's the solution, though.

Here ends the rant.  I'm still wearing Sally Hansen Concrete on my nails.  It started chipping like mad yesterday though, so I'm about to change it to something else.  It went five days without chipping, so I'm satisfied by that.  I always get excellent weartime out of the Xtreme Wear polishes.  Apt name, Sally Hansen.  Apt name.

Thanks for reading if you did.  I'll update again soon.


  1. Putting down roots in a new place is tough--- I can definitely relate! And grad school is a really weird combo between school and being more independent. I hope it gets better for you! Maybe a new kitty from a shelter wouldn't be such a terrible idea =) Provided the kitten got along with Raven, of course.

  2. It takes time to adjust to a new place and routine. You will settle in, soon. And hey, you have a nice, cozy butt corner to come home to while you do. :D

    Raven is fabulous. And I love that expression.

  3. What a beautifull couch! I love the studs on the sides. And Raven <3 how great are black cats. Have one myself. A new kitty would be real nice but if you are not sure about how it would get along with Raven..

  4. You can do it! You can always call or text me if you need a very far away person's perspective!

    Love the couch! Seems like you picked a good one.

    Good luck and I know it will get better! Hang in there =)

  5. I love your apartment! If I end up living on my own in the future, I want a place similar to yours. It looks so cozy.

  6. Aww, I hope you feel better. My best friend is going through the same. She's gone back to school all alone and is finding it especially difficult. And Raven is still cute as heck.


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