Thursday, November 18, 2010

China Glaze Mrs. Claus

Well, I'm done with school for the week. My Friday class is somehow over for the semester (I have no idea why; don't get me started...what a waste), so I only have class on Mondays and Wednesdays now. I'm sitting in my apartment with a candle burning and trying to write a paper. I haven't gotten very far, comparatively, so I thought I'd blog post to get the creative juices flowing.

natural light, by a window

indoor natural light

under a desk lamp

blurred to show sparkleiciousness

Here's China Glaze Mrs. Claus from the holiday collection. I was surprised by how badly I wanted this one. Then when I got my hands on it, and, in turn, got it on my hands, I was surprised how much I absolutely adore it. It's a pink jelly with, as far as I can tell, pink and silver glitter. I think China Glaze calls it a red glitter, but I don't really see how this can be considered red. The application wasn't great on this one. My bottle was thick and goopy, and it dried way too quickly making it a necessity that I work very fast. This was three coats. I think the polish looks better in lower lighting, which makes it perfect for northeastern Ohio in the fall and winter. In bright light you can see how sheer the base is and how sparse the glitter particles are. In lower/indoor lighting you just get that nice sparkle effect. This one isn't going to last long on me, unfortunately. I already have a chip happening on the index finger on my left hand. Oh well. It's super pretty, anyway.

And here is my little Rescue Beauty Lounge haul from the sale in early November.

Cherry Love, Dead Calm, Recycle

Om, Film Noir

I just went and picked these up from Michelle's house the other day. I consider them a birthday present to myself, since my birthday Wednesday (don't worry, you'll all hear about it again then). I've been wanting Om and Dead Calm for forever, so those were no-brainers. Recycle looks like the perfect shade of green. Film Noir is definitely my kind of color, one of those almost-black vampy purples that most people seem to dislike, but that I luuuuuuurve. And Cherry Love...well, I'm in a red phase. I've been trying different shades and finishes of red, and the description of Cherry Love on the RBL website is "popsicle-fuschia, the love child of hot pink and sizzling red." How could I pass that up? Michelle also just gifted me the Nubar Risque Reds collection, so you'll be seeing those eventually, too. Yay, red! Yay, RBL!

Oh, and a little update on my mommy. She went home from the hospital on Monday. I think she's still in a lot of pain and still really tired, but she's doing better. We got the pathology report back and everything was negative and benign. No cancer. I breathed the biggest sigh of relief I've ever breathed when I heard that. I honestly think it's a miracle. Come Thanksgiving, I'll have a lot to be thankful for.


  1. Super congrats on your mom! What a huge, huge relief!

    I wanted Glamourpuss so badly from the RBL sale, but by the time I got around to adding it to my basket it was sold out. :( Ahh well, there are a lot of reds in the sea!

  2. ((hugs)) to you & your mom.

  3. Oh I am so glad your mom is feeling better! And on another note, I also LOVE vampy colors!! It is something so interesting with the edges looking purple or red and the rest is blackened!

  4. I'm glad your mom is doing better!

    That polish looks GREAT on you! I want to get that one.

  5. Good to hear about your mommy!!! And fantastic RBL haul.

  6. I'm going through a red phase too, and dead calm has been a lemming forever.
    Mrs. Claus wasn't one of my favorites, just because the color looks odd on my skintone. It looks great on you. Thats why I love blogs. You can see how it looks on every skintone.

  7. I just bought Mrs. Claus. I'm excited to use it!

  8. Glad to hear your Mom is so much better.
    I ordered the "naughty & nice" and the "Drummer Boy" from the Holiday collection...thinking i should go back and order some more colors.


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