Sunday, November 14, 2010

China Glaze Peace on Earth and Thanks

Happy Sunday, everyone.  Yesterday I was looking at my blog traffic and saw a spike.  I was wondering where it was coming from, but then I realized that my friend Michelle from ALU gave me a little shoutout. So thank you, that was very sweet and greatly appreciated.  If I have new readers, hi!  Welcome.  Happy to have you, as always.

I finally got a chance to do my nails last night.  I've been talking on the phone to people non-stop, it seems, updating them on the situation and such.  I finally just put someone on speaker phone last night and painted away while I was having a conversation.  Not ideal, but I'll take it.

I finally figured out that the bubbles and bumps I've been getting in my manicures is from the bubbles in my dying bottle of Out the Door.  And thank grilled cheesus it's dying, because Out the Door does not agree with me.  But I promised myself I'd finish the bottle I bought before I went back to Seche.  Anyway, here's China Glaze Peace on Earth.  It's a nice, shimmery golden olive green.  The formula was fantastic.  It went on easily in two coats and dried quickly.  Too bad it wasn't sunny today.  The last two pictures are from under my desk lamp.

This pure love.  I wasn't going to buy it because I heard it was similar to OPI At Your Quebec and Call, which I've got (thanks to Ange)...but I CANNOT RESIST olive-colored things.  Seriously.  The last time my boyfriend went to H&M with me I kept picking up olive things and he told me I need to stop buying things that color.  But it's my favorite!  I have an olive dress, an olive mini-skirt, an olive button-down...okay, maybe I go a little overboard.  As you know, my favorite polish EVER is China Glaze Wagon Trail, also olive.  I think things that color complement my skintone.  I dunno, I just love it. Thanks China Glaze!

So, a bit of an update.  My mom is doing better.  Yesterday I walked onto her floor and saw her walking around without any help from anyone and my heart just swelled.  She has rough nights, but my dad stays here with her to keep her company.  I'm at the hospital with her now and she finally has some color in her cheeks.  She's drinking some chocolate milk and sitting up in bed now, so I'm optimistic.  This combined with school has just hit me...really hard.  I'm not the best at dealing with stress as it is, and when I felt like my mom was threatened I just lost it.  I'm glad that I have my family and my boyfriend to help me hold things together.  And you guys!  Thank you so much for your wonderful comments.  You'll never know how much I appreciate it.

That's all for today, but I'll be back with my RBL polishes from the sale soon!  I have to pick them up from Michelle (we did a group order) and give her all my monies.  I'm excited!



  1. I'm so glad I ordered this polish, it's awesome!

  2. so glad to hear about your mom. my mom just got out of the hospital and we're all so thankful. :)

  3. I can't wait for my Tis the seasons-polishes. All the greens will be totally awesome! And the Frosty and Party Hearty too!

    Hope you mother will get well soon.

  4. I bought this color too and I LOVE it. Its my first color in this shade.

    I wish your mom a speedy recovery. Hope she feels better soon!

  5. glad to hear your Mom is doing better :)

    ...... i can't believe i didn't like this color. its so gorgeous on you!

  6. Awww, *hugs* Good to hear things are better. *Smooch*

  7. Wonderful that mom is doing better.

  8. Love love love this color! Must. get. it. now.
    - and yes, I, too, found you through ALU.. really enjoy your blog so I'll be back!

  9. uhm, glad I read this. I went to have my mani today and picked At your Quebec and call and didn't like it much. Maybe the formula was off 'cause it looked gold on me. Then I asked them to apply Wagon Trail...MUCH better!

  10. Nina Patricia, I love Wagon Trail WAY more than At Your Quebec and Call. Good choice :D


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