Tuesday, November 02, 2010

China Glaze Phat Santa

Good morning, all.  I can't believe it's November already.  It's starting to get quite cold here in northeastern Ohio.  November is a big deal for me.  I have family things going on this month and one big paper due...on my birthday.  Sadly.  I have to give a big presentation on the afternoon of my birthday, which is the day before Thanksgiving.  Argh.  I'm actually going to devote most of today to working on research, but I wanted to show you guys what I got over the weekend.

China Glaze Phat Santa.  First of all, adore the name.  This is one of two red cremes in the ChG holiday collection.  The other, Ruby Deer (which I also want), is an orange-based tomato red.  Here we have a blue-based cherry red.  If you read Short n Chic with any regularly you know that I love me a good warm toned tomato red.  I normally steer clear of the bluer ones.  This, though...this is seeeeeeexy.  Seriously.  I put it on, looked at my hands and said, "Oooo!"  It reminds me a lot of OPI Vodka and Caviar, but I don't have my bottle to compare.  The formula on this polish was very good.  I did three coats just to be safe.  It dried very quickly.  I got Phat Santa in a little three-pack with Party Hearty (the glitter) and Holly Jolly (green).  

I'm sure you've all seen these a hundred times already even though Halloween just ended.  That's actually one of the beefs I've been having with reading blogs.  Everyone who gets samples (I don't) rushes to post them the same day or week, so I feel inundated with swatches of the same stuff all the time.  I just couldn't resist putting this one on, though.  I loved the name too much.  I got these at Ulta, by the way.  I hadn't been there in forever.  I also just realized that there's a Sally's right by my new east side residence, so I'll be dropping in there a bit more often.  I'm definitely interested in a few more colors in this collection.

That's all for today.  I'm still in my pajamas on the couch and I woke up with a headache.  I think I'm going to head to my local coffee shop and read about Northern Renaissance landscape, because that's what my life is right now.  I hope this headache goes away.  If I'm feeling bad I think all I have to do is look down at my nails and think, "Phat Santa.  Hehe."


  1. Phat Santa cracks me up too, every time I see it =P

    And of course it's a pretty color!

  2. I love seeing swatches on different websites.. each picture and point of view is different!

    Love the name of this polish :)

  3. love the name too. we post swatches right away because that's why the companies send them lol for us to get them up asap so people have an idea of colors before they buy 'em ;)
    Hope school's going well, bummer about the bday presentation

  4. I know why you post them right away. I suppose I probably would too. It's just annoying to see the same thing over and over again. I'm sure you understand.

  5. I want this one! The name is great and I hardly have any reds. Hope your headache goes away!!

  6. I just ordered this color from 8ty8 website, they sale China Glazed for $2.80ea Love it!

  7. I love the name and this red looks great on you, the perfect "date color" :)

  8. I read your post..saw this color and said I have to have that...I bought it at Sally's for $3.22, and you're so right about it being "sexy".


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