Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh Hey, It's My Birthday

Today is my birthday and I wanted to use one of my favorite OPI polishes.

Dazzled By Gold, a 2009 Ulta holiday exclusive. This is three coats. It dried super fast. It's super blingy. I super love it.

Another year is gone. I almost can't believe it. So many things have changed. Recap?
--I moved from Pleasantville, Ohio to Cleveland, Ohio. I live alone for the first time in my life.
--I started graduate school.
--I started a new relationship.
--I got a new job I actually like.

All in all I suppose the last twelve months have been pretty good. Things are hard right now, particularly this week, but I'm going to get through it. I always do. I cry and moan along the way, but I always come out the other side. That's how I have to approach things, I guess.

I think I really have grown up a little bit since last November. I have new responsibilities and new priorities and I don't think that that's a bad thing. But mostly...I still feel like the little girl I know that I am inside.

Little Steffie. I still dress like this!

Twenty years later and still trying to snuggle cats on camera.

Even if I'm still feeling crappy I'm going to slap on some red lipstick, give a damn good presentation in my Northern Renaissance class, and eat a piece of chocolate cake. Because hey, you only turn 24 once, right?


Happy birthday to me! Time to dance to ELO.


  1. Congrats Steph!! Good luck at school and I hope your bday will be perfect!

  2. Happy birthday! Hope it's fantastic. Also, Dazzled by Gold looks amazing on you!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAYY!! Hope you'll a fabulous time :P Lovely polish:]

  4. Happy Birthday, great spirit and life phylosophy! Hope things will be better for you soon

  5. Blessed birthday!!! have a wonderful day ahead!

  6. Such a gorgeous colour & Happy Birthday! xxx

  7. Happy Birthday!! I hope you find time today to do something special =)

  8. Happy Birthday!!!! :D
    That polish looks awesome on you.

  9. Happy birthday, and cats are great to cuddle <3

  10. yayyy happy birthday! great polish on the celebration and the pictures are of you are super cute :) hope you're enjoying today!

  11. Happy Birthday lovie! I <3 Dazzled By Gold. It's just... amazing.

    I'm glad you're almost sort of kind of starting to feel better =)

    btw I didn't know you had a new boyfriend!!!! whatttt? Spill!


  12. Happy Birthday! ELO is a wonderful choice.

  13. Happy birthday! I stumbled across your blog looking for china glaze swatches. I'm a polish fanatic also in grad school (doing a Ph.D in American lit), and just thought you could use some good luck wishes from one polish-loving academician to another - I know well the woes of grad student life, especially at this point in the semester!

  14. Happy Birthday, Steph! I hope a new year in your life will be full of good things...there are hard times, but we all can live through it if we have a great dream in I wish you to have that great dream that will encourage you on your way through years. Be happy! <3 And keep that little girl spirit in you, it's so great to stay the kid -- read: yourself -- for life.


    That gold is just gorgeous. Perfect birthday manicure!

    and I hope you'll feel better soon! ;*

  15. Love the OPI, but more importantly, have a very Happy Birthday!

  16. Happy Birthday Lovely !
    Wish all your dream come

  17. !Happy Birthday Stephanie! Embrace this new year of your life with bliss and gratitude!

    I've been following your blog for quite a while, but this is my first comment. I love all your posts and think you've got great taste in polish and lots of other things too. You seem to have a really big heart, and I can tell you're a brainiac, so I always look forward to new posts. Out of the 100 or so polish bogs I follow, yours is in the top twenty that I check every day. Oh, and I'm a Sagittarius too!

    I hope you enjoy a beautiful Thanksgiving with your family. May your mom heal quickly. You've got a lot to be thankful for this year!



  18. Happy Birthday! Love the glitter polish.

  19. I didn´t know that OPI made so beautiful color! It will be in my next order :)

  20. Happy Birthday! I'd like to also take this opportunity to thank you for your blog. Take care :)

  21. Happy belated Birthday - and that's a perfect birthday mani


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