Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge Cherry Love

The Short n Chic Enamored of Red Phase continues. Which polish to use first out of my Rescue Beauty Lounge birthday haul? Cherry Love was calling my name. After I scrubbed China Glaze Mrs. Claus off of my nails I chopped them all off and applied Cherry Love. I let my nails get way longer than I've normally been wearing them, I guess because I was distracted. They started snagging on things (like my tights) and I realized that I hadn't cut or filed them in weeks. So I did.

UM. AWESOME. I luuuuurrrvvee this color. I love including the descriptions of the colors on the RBL website when I write about them because they're so often just dead-on. Here's the blurb: "Popsicle-fuschia, the love child of hot pink and sizzling red. When pink is too tame and red is too expected, give this glamorous shade a try." Too true! In good light you can definitely see the pink tones to this polish. In lower light it just looks like a blue-based red, but a gorgeous blue-based red. I am smitten. This is the perfect color for me right now.

As you guys may have heard, the formula on this one leaves a bit to be desired. It was hard to get even, didn't self-level on the nail, and got goopy the longer I had the bottle open. It also required three coats. This is probably the least impressive Rescue Beauty polish I own, formula-wise. But I don't really care about that. It's not that much trouble, I just expect RBL formula to be top-notch. Doesn't matter, though! I love this color and I'll definitely reach for it often. I think it would be nice to wear in the summertime when there's lots of sun. Or when I'm feeling sassy. But, let's be honest here, I'm pretty much always feeling sassy ;)

I started watching Six Feet Under yesterday. My aunt is staying with my parents, taking care of my mom, and I relayed my love of Dexter to her. She immediately gave me money and sent me to Best Buy to get the first season of SFU. I was too young for it when it was originally airing, I think. ANYWAY, after watching only two episodes of SFU my love of Michael C. Hall has reached unearthly levels. Having the entire season at my disposal is going to make finishing my Northern Renaissance project (paper+presentation) difficult. BUT I finished the paper itself last night at 2am, so I like to think that's progress.

I'm going to settle into the corner on my sectional with a giant cup of peppermint coffee, mark my paper up with a pen the color of Cherry Love and watch an episode of Six Feet Under. Hey, Sunday: I love you.


  1. I got Cherry Love in the sale, too, and I loooove it! Such a great color. And I'm drinking coffee with peppermint mocha Coffeemate in it right now! Yummmm. Good luck with your project!

  2. That's a very nice red!
    It's yummy like cherries!

  3. I love this color!! It looks great.

  4. I hate reading this because every time I see a new color on you that looks this good, I want it!
    I recently got Wagon Trails (or tails? I'm too lazy to look) after reading your review on it_ yeah I'm way behind- and I freaking love it!

  5. Haha, gotta love Sunday. This looks so good on you, I normally would pass over this color, but I love it. Too bad about the formula (at least you got it for 50% off right!).

  6. Nina Patricia, that's the best compliment I can get ;) I love inspiring lemmings.

    And thanks everyone! Gotta love red, right?

  7. SFU is the best show ever. MCH is absolutely fabulous as David. Good choice!

  8. I love SFU so much, I watched it when it was first shown in the UK (where I live), then my brother got me the DVD box set for Christmas one year. I even worked my love for it into my Master's Degree by using it to write about metaphors people use surrounding illness and death - I always think you should get extra marks if you manage to successfully incorporate something you love in your personal life into your academic career ;)


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