Wednesday, December 29, 2010

American Apparel L'Esprit and Giveaway Winner

Good morning, all.  I'm a bit early for not having to do anything today.  Drinking coffee.  So much coffee.  Anyway, I have another American Apparel polish to show you.  L'Esprit was part of AA's summer release, and it was actually the most requested polish from my August American Apparel Giveaway.  After seeing how many people wanted it I decided to buy a bottle for myself several months ago but I only just now got around to using it.

I am so immensely sorry for my cuticles being so dry.  I'm going to see what I can do about that over the next few days.  Anyway, L'Esprit is a very, very lovely and very soft periwinkle.  I'm actually not sure that periwinkle is the right word, but it's not quite blue and it's not quite purple.  This polish was released early in the summer along with Butter, Summer Peach and Malibu Green, all of which I own, only one of which I've worn.  For being a summer release, L'Esprit would have fit in really nicely with some of the 2010 spring releases like Up & Away.  This polish is really very pretty.  The formula was kind of par for the course for a pastel.  It was difficult to get even and very thick, but I was really careful and got away with two coats.  The more I look at this polish the more I really like it.  It's calming.  I can see why everyone wanted to get their hands on this one.

Okay, so now for the giveaway winner.  I assigned each person a number and then I plugged my stats into and let it choose.  And the winner is...


I've already e-mailed Jessica and she has already e-mailed me back, so her win is confirmed and I'll be sending her Raccoon, Make-Up and Trench Coat.  I'll make the minute and a half walk to American Apparel later today.  Thanks for entering, everyone.  I really enjoy seeing which polishes everyone likes and wants to own.  I think the most requested polish this time was Army Jacket, which I showed you here.  I'll be doing another AA Giveaway in the near future, so stay tuned.

One more thing.  Dovey asked me in the comments for the giveaway if I actually wear American Apparel clothes.  No, I don't.  And here's why.

Remember this picture?  This is me on Christmas Eve.  See how I'm shaped?  I have big boobs, a very tiny waist and comparatively wide hips.  In other words, I have a classic hourglass figure.  Which is fine.  I have accepted my figure and I try to do what I can with it without looking like a 1940s pin-up.  American Apparel, however, does not manufacture their clothing to fit people like me.  Their clothing just doesn't flatter my body type.  Plus it's super expensive.  I do enjoy their accessories, like their nail polish, and sometimes I see a dress I might want to try on, but I do usually hold back from buying stuff.  I shop almost exclusively at H&M and Target.  If I need skinny jeans I go to Old Navy.  Because I'm cheap.  Now you know all my clothing secrets.

Okay, that's all.  Congratulations to Jessica, and I hope you guys have a good Wednesday.  When I go buy the giveaway polishes I will of course be picking up a few for myself as well, so I'll have new swatches to show you sooooooon!


  1. Very pretty and we're nearly all suffering with dry cuticles. Way of the world.......

  2. GIRL I would kill for that figure. Stop playing.

  3. L.O.L. hey, nothing wrong with being a pinup! old navy skinnies are my favorite--- esp. when they're $15.

  4. Yay! Thank you so much! I've been giddy all day. This is so generous and awesome and wonderful.

    I wish I had easy access to an AA store! Although, like you, their clothes do nothing for me.

  5. Yay for Jessica! I may have to purchase these much for a budget.
    I think you have the perfect body type. There are a few stores that I can't buy anything from for the same issue-they don't fit my body.

  6. it's too bad their clothes are made for androgynous figures but that's the hipster ideal. :( same with urban outfitters...all of that stuff seems to be meant for ppl who can go bra-less.

  7. Dovey, $15 Rockstar skinnies are the best thing everrrrrr.

    megan, hipster ideal indeed! No hips and no boobs. But those girls in their ads are still beautiful.

  8. love love love the color! I almost bought the same one today only it was china glaze

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