Sunday, December 26, 2010

American Apparel Reminder!

Hello all.  I hope everyone had a pleasant Christmas or, if you don't celebrate Christmas, a pleasant Saturday.  This post is just to remind you all to please enter my American Apparel Giveaway by Tuesday, December 28th at midnight, EST.  It's really, really easy to enter.  You can either click here or the image on the righthand sidebar to read the rules and cast your hat into the ring.  

Here are a couple reminders of the awesome goodies you could win:

Army Jacket

California Trooper


Also, I wanted to post my Christmas Eve outfit because it's sort of ridiculous.  I wore my standard little black dress, as always.  I have about four little black dresses that I cycle through constantly and I'm always buying new ones.  I wore a red belt.  By the way, I originally took these pictures to show my friend Michele in the morning before I had brushed my hair -or- put on makeup, so...sorry.

Frontsies.  Me with crazy hair standing in my living room.

Backsies!  Look at my completely ridiculous bow!

I went to H&M last week and saw this bow belt on a mannequin.  I commented about how that would not be happening on my body.  Then I saw a red one and put it on.  And decided that it was sort of cute.  My boyfriend, who is actually more savvy about dressing me than I am about dressing me, turned the bow around so it was in the back and told me my butt looked like a present.  I wore this to Christmas Eve familytime.  That belt is $9.95 well-spent.

Alright, time to get dressed for workytimes.  Don't forget about the giveaway :D


  1. The bow at the back is really special. Great outfit!

  2. That belt! Haha, I totally have a thing for bows, reminds me of these Japanese traditional ones. LOVE IT on you! Merry Christmas, girl. <3

  3. Loving Army Jacket, I must really try these. And the dress looks very nice on you

  4. Ooooh, Army Jacket is so awesome! Why didn't i enter that one as my choice of polish? I didn't even know it existed! And the bow is just so christmasy!

  5. LOL, when your butt achieves gifted status, it becomes a derriere, not a butt.


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