Monday, December 27, 2010

Funky Fingers Snakeskin

Happy Monday, everyone.  Happy it is, indeed, for I am neither in school nor working.  I am sitting on my couch watching Gilmore Girls and drinking coffee with peppermint mocha creamer.  Oooh, so good.  So.  Good.  First, let me remind you once again to please enter my American Apparel Giveaway.  Click here to do so.  If I pick you to win you will receive three AA polishes of your choice.  Any three polishes.  Isn't that exciting?  So yes, please enter.

Today I'm showing you Funky Fingers Snakeskin.  I'm sure this one is a dupe for some Color Club shade, but I don't know which.  I got this at Five Below quite a while ago.  Now, just a little caveat/excuse.  I'm at my apartment now and in my haste to leave my parents' house I forgot my little digicam.  Meaning today you get iPhone pictures.  I did my best, but iPhone pictures are just never as good.  I'm sorry D:  Also, I had to cut off my nails.  They were peeling a lot from working and much longer than they normally are.

These were all taken indoors, obviously.  The light outside is horrible and gray.  I have to say...I absolutely love this color.  It's a metallic pewter with gold shimmer.  It looks less metallic-y in the bottle than it does on the nail, but it's not brushstroke-y.  This was two coats, but I probably could have gotten away with one.  This polish is that awesome.

Here you can see that it looks really metallic when you can't see the gold shimmer.  I don't know why my skin looks so red.  I think because I'm freezing in here.  It's the weirdest thing...I don't control the heat in my apartment, so most of the time it's REALLY HOT.  My boyfriend and I have been sleeping with the window open, and there has even been a let's-create-a-cross-breeze conversation involving the bathroom window.  However sometimes the heat doesn't go on AT ALL, like right now.  I am freezing. So, at the end of my ramble my point is this:  I think my skin is red because I'm really, really cold.

So purdy!  I'm really into this color.  

Yesterday I had kind of a bad afternoon so what did I do?  I hauled a bit at MAC.  The Cham-Pale and Stylishly Yours collections made their debuts yesterday.  Honestly, I would like all of each of these.  The collections are in direct opposition to one another:  Cham-Pale is frosty, light, shimmery and sparkly.  Stylishly Yours is bright, creamy and loud.  I love them both.  But here's what I got.

Vintage Selection Paint Pot, kind of a medium taupe-y frosty color.

Chilled On Ice Paint Pot, a very light, iridescent gold that sometimes has a pink-ish look to it.

Virgin Isle Cream Colour Base, a bright coral.  This can be used on the cheeks or lips, but not eyes.  Although why one would want this color on one's eyes is absolutely beyond my comprehension.

If I had tons and tons of monies I would buy up both of these collections.  But I just had to pick and choose.  Virgin Isle is actually part of the permanent collection and is available at PRO stores.  Anyway, that's all.  What do you guys think of Snakeskin?  Is it on your to-buy list?  Is anyone else thinking of picking up anything from Cham-Pale or Stylishly Yours?  I'm tempted to go back to MAC soon...


  1. Actually, it reminds me greatly of Color Club also called Snakeskin! I had it today on my nails and i'll put swatches of it on soon, but on your pictures it looks just a tad bit darker and that can be from the lighting. :)
    And I love your first paragraph, I feel the same, drinking coffe, watching stand up comedy (already finished with gilmore girls :D). And I wish I'd have MAC to go shop myself into a better mood. I bet MAC can do that.

  2. Just saw these collections about 10 minutes ago at my local mall! I like parts of each of these collections, but some of the frosty things were simply toooo frosty! I loved the new paint pots though! I need some of those damn things. and I love the coral blush and the pink blush! Glad to see you got the coral, it looks so lovely on you! =) You should do more makeup looks... We never get to see anything you actually do with the makeup you buy! haha.

    Love that np too! I'm wearing Sew Psyched. I'm in love, of course. My nail finally finished falling off, and it looks absolutely disgusting. Grrrr... Love you!

  3. I love that color too, and tried to buy it, but when I tried to pick them up, I smelled a broken bottle and OMG it was so nauseating and toxic smelling! I couldnt breathe and i normlly cant smell polish at all! What do you think?

  4. Oh no! Cold is =(. The worst part is when you leave a cold house, it's even colder outside since you didn't build up reserve warmth! Virgin Isle is such a vibrant and lovely color. When I saw the promo pics I couldn't comprehend how it was a eye base, or a base even, but now it makes more sense!

    P.S. Haven't been to Harolds in forever, but next time I go... I'll be sure to get a picture =P

  5. Breeoxd, I didn't notice an abnormal smell from the Funky Fingers polish. It just smelled like all other nail polishes to me. The only polishes that I find offensively scented are actually Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, particularly Pacific Blue.

  6. I really hope this hasn't been asked a million times, but where did you get that ring? It's so pretty! I bought the I Get No Kick eyeliner and the Calm Mode tinted lip conditioner from Cham-Pale and am in love with both of them! But now I might have to go back for Chilled On Ice, it looks so pretty in your photo!

  7. Katie, the ring is from American Eagle, circa summer 2005. It's a question that has been asked a few times and I wish I could tell you where you can get your hands on one. It cost about $15 and I'm not sure what it's made of, but it has never turned my finger a different color or irritated my skin. It is truly magic. I rarely remove it...just to put on lotion :)

  8. @Ulmiel
    I was just thinking the same thing! How weird that such similar polishes were named the same thing.


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