Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Just An Update

Oh hi friends.  I just wanted to update today to tell you that I gave my methodology presentation this morning.  Today was the day I had been dreading all semester.  See, every art history graduate student (at least to my knowledge) has to take a methodology course his or her first semester or quarter.  The purpose of this class is to explore different ways in which to view and write about a work of art.  We were allowed to choose an object from a list from the Cleveland Museum of Art's permanent collection at the beginning of the semester.  Here's mine.

Eastman Johnson
Portrait of Genio C. Scott
oil on canvas
Cleveland Museum of Art

I'm really pretty proud of what I managed to pull out of the painting and my presentation actually went...as well as can be expected.  I was really, really nervous and I'm sure my voice shook a little bit.  There were curators and professors in the lecture hall so it was pretty intimidating.  During my research I ended up looking at all kinds of images of fisherman, and my favorites were Winslow Homer's watercolors.

Anyway, I just wanted to update that I survived my presentation.  I have a final (due tomorrow) and I have to put the finishing touches on my methods paper, which is due Friday.  Then I'll be done.  I'll have survived this hellish semester, which everyone has told me is the worst.  So...the best is yet to come?  Let's hope!  Good lord I need a nap.


  1. *Pounce tackle hug* Yaaaaaaaay!!!

  2. Congrats from Zurich, Switzerland! I know how hard it can be to survive all the studying and writing...Love, love your blog! Especially the combination of beauty and all the intellectual stuff. I`m a Phd Student of Philosophy and love makeup and doing my nails, so I´m so happy to see that others, like you, do to! Enjoy your nap!

  3. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy Congrats darlin'


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