Friday, December 31, 2010

OPI Bring on the Bling

It's the last day of 2010.  Isn't that weird?  I feel like this year went really quickly yet really slowly at the same time.  Yesterday I was running some errands and decided that as a little treat to myself before work I would stop at Ulta.  GOOD.  DECISION.  I was desperate to find an OPI glitter from the Burlesque collection to wear for New Year's Eve and Day.  Of course there were none there (because all of the holiday polishes--China Glaze and OPI--are on really should go to Ulta). I dug around for a while and finally unearthed a single Burlesque glitter, Bring on the Bling.  So here it is.

Bring on the Bling and Dazzled by Gold

I did one coat of OPI Dazzled by Gold, which I wore for my Christmas manicure and on my birthday, and two coats of Bring on the Bling.  It certainly is blingy.  Bring on the Bling is composed of predominantly gold glitter, but also has different colors interspersed.  I see green, pink, blue, silver and orange.  

I don't normally wear glitter for two reasons.  One, because to me it looks tacky most of the time.  At least on me.  I know some people who pull of glitter wonderfully, but I think I look like a pre-schooler who got into the craft supplies when I wear glitter.  And two, the removal.  I hate removing glitter.  But since it's the New Year I decided that glitter would be okay for a day or two.

So, the year is over.  For me, 2010 was a year of transition.  And what do I mean by that?  Let me recap.
1.  I bounced from coffee shop to coffee shop at the beginning of the year.  In January I was working at this locally owned one and I haaaaaaaaated it.  At the beginning of February I got hired at Coffee Inc. and I've been happy with my workytimes ever since.
2.  I got into grad school.  I stopped working my little part-time barista job, for the most part, and went back to school.  That has been the hardest transition.  I'm still not acclimated.
3.  I ended a seven-year relationship and began a new one.  I'm happy to say that the person I'm with now is continually extremely supportive of me, listens when I have something to say, snuggles me when I'm sad, snuggles me when I'm happy, and tells me I'm beautiful every day.  
4.  I moved from Pleasantville to the east side of Cleveland.
5.  My mom got sick.  Then my mom got better (almost all the way).

So you see, things have been continually in flux for me.  I'd like for 2011 to be a year of stability and academic prosperity, but we'll see how that goes.  I have a type A personality, so I crave stability and control.  I like rules and boundaries and I don't like not knowing which direction things are going to go.  2010 was hard.  I wave goodbye to it with super blingified nails and a pretty, pretty smile.

Look, there's my mommy!  Doesn't she look happy and healthy?  It's because she is.  And there's my dad, who I am sitting on and hopefully not crushing.  I guess 2010 ended on a good note, huh?

Oh, one last thing.  The other day I was in a dressing room at H&M and I got a text from Michelle at ALU that my blog was mentioned on Seventeen Magazine's Style Blog.  I was pretty surprised to learn that that was the case, but I checked it out for myself and it's true.  So thanks Seventeen!  Weeeee.

Happy New Year, everyone.


  1. I hear you, I'm a total type A as well.

    Awww, Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love that sparkley polish

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  3. Just a quick note on removing glittery polish... because it is such a pain in the you no whaty!!! check out you tube they have lots of videos on how to remove problem polish... this is my favorite video...
    I use the foil method but it looks like the felt method would work just as well!! Hope this helps! Glad your mom is doing better and Happy New Year!!!!

  4. tina, I've tried the felt method before. I went to the dollar store and bought this whole huge package of felt. I didn't really feel like it made too much of a difference and I don't wear glitter often enough to experiment with the foil method. But thanks for the tutorials. I'll watch them :D

  5. Happy new year!

    I can't really pull off glitter polish, but new year's is probably the best time to wear it. Maybe I'll pull out a bottle...

    <3 <3

  6. Dovey, the last glitter polish I wore was Absolutely Alice right after it was released. I remember thinking that was a mistake as I was scrubbing it off my nails.


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