Monday, January 03, 2011

Essence Walk of Fame

Good morning, everyone.  It's my first post of 2011!  How exciting.  Strangely, I agonized over which polish to choose for my first foray into color in January.  My nails were completely bare for two days because I was short on time and I also had a hard time choosing.  I started 2010 off with a red so I didn't want to do that again (lest that red set the tone for my year--ie, not a good tone).  Instead I chose a neutral, Essence Walk of Fame, which I picked up at Ulta.

Walk of Fame, a taupe, is a little chameleon.  As you can see, sometimes it looks browner, sometimes grayer, and in low light it has definite cool undertones.  I can think of about five colors off-hand that this reminds me of, like Rimmel Steel Grey, OPI Over the Taupe, or even $OPI Metro Chic, but I still really like this color.  The application was fine, if a little watery.  This took two coats.  And as most of you probably know, Essence polishes are 99 cents.  This wasn't on the regular display.  I found it discarded in an aisle somewhere in the after-Christmas sale madness.  I did check the regular display, but Walk of Fame didn't have a spot.  Maybe it's part of a little seasonal collection?  I really don't know.

Today begins my actual vacation.  By vacation I mean that I have six days where I have to do nothing.  No Coffee Inc., no school.  Just [hopefully] relaxing.  I really, really need it.  I like my barista job, but the holidays were bananas at Coffee Inc.  Everyone wants a mocha.  Yesterday when I called out a medium-non-fat-half-caf-dark-chocolate-peppermint-mocha-with-half-peppermint-and-no-whip I all of a sudden became fed up with coffee.  People, if you want a mocha, order a damn mocha.  If you're so obsessed with calories that you have to modify it that much then you don't really want the mocha.  Get a hot tea instead :)  Anyway, I am waaaay behind schedule on my recreational reading.  I was hoping to read both Tom and Jack and Eakins Revealed before I started the semester, but I'm only halfway through the former and I don't see myself speed-reading over the next week.  Oh well.  I had the best of intentions.

That's all for today.  Do you guys have a favorite taupe polish?  Mine is probably Metro Chic, but I'm always willing to try out new ones, especially if they only cost a dollar.  Countdown to January 10, when I will once again be enslaved by graduate school.  I better enjoy this vacation while it lasts, huh?


  1. My favourite would probably be OPI's You Don't Know Jacques. I find that most taupe's lean too brown for my skintone.

    Hope you have a lovely break!

  2. I love Color Club's Positively Posh. It's kinda dark on me but it looks oh so yummy :)

  3. I just did a comparison of this one on my blog. I like the color, it looks good on you, on me not so much ;)
    enjoy your vacation:)

  4. Have to look this one up, so far I'm in love with SH concrete. Do enjoy yourself, you'll see these days will go way too quickly.

  5. Yep, Monday's already over. But it was a good one.

  6. Color CLub High Society is my fave taupe/mushroom.


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