Friday, February 04, 2011

OPI Give Me A Coral Sometime

I don't really have a lot of polishes in my Helmer at my apartment.  Most of them are at my parents' house for safe storage in my other Helmer.  As a result, I'm aware of pretty much every single polish that I have at this apartment.  Last night while I was trying to figure out what to wear I opened my OPI drawer and stumbled upon Give Me A Coral Sometime.  I have no idea where I got it,  because I definitely didn't buy it.  I don't remember anyone sending it to me.  It's a mystery.

I do absolutely love corals.  Search "coral" on my blog and you'll come up with dozens of posts where I squee and tell you that coral is the best thing ever.  This one is too pink for me, though.  It's a nice sheer-ish shimmer with blue flash.  I prefer my corals to be an even balance of pink and orange, and if not I prefer them to lean orange.  I don't hate this color, it just doesn't seem very me.  It could be nice for my toes in the summer, though.  I think this was from OPI's 2008 Retro Fun in the Sun collection that brought us other classics like Lemonade Stand By Your Man.  As I mentioned, this polish is a bit sheer.  I did three coats.

Before Give Me A Coral Sometime you all might remember that I was wearing 212-Sephora.  Let me show you that manicure after five days.

Left hand

Right hand

After five days I had extremely minimal tipwear.  I've found that Sephora by OPI is the brand that seems to last the longest on me.  I remember wearing Metro Chic for like eight days in October without chips.  Regular OPI doesn't do as well, which is so strange.  I'd expect them to be the same formula.  The only place I got a chip was on my right thumbnail.

Hardly noticeable, right?  Maybe the fifty cents more that I pay for this brand is actually worth it.  

That's all for today.  I haven't been sleeping well at all lately and I just need to get through the rest of today without falling asleep while walking or something.  Unfortunately I have to go dig through a giant curatorial file right after lunchtime.  That will not be fun.  Actually, it probably will be.  But I'll be sleepy.  What do you guys think about Give Me A Coral Sometime?  Does anyone have a favorite coral?  I'll have to think about what mine is.  I have so many.


  1. That's awesome, the $OPI wore very well on you, sweet! :)

  2. Yeah, this coral isn't doing it for me right now either! Sadly my two favorite corals are RBL Coral and Bangin'...sad because they're expensive. I'm excited to try the OPI Texas collection, though, cause it looks like it has a coral in it.

  3. 212 is super awesome! I can't believe it lasted so long! I chew on my nails and cuticles so nail polish never lasts that long on me (horrible habit, i know)

    did you see my post about shim-merry chic over black? It looks a bit like 212!

  4. I did see that post of yours, Kelsea. I liked the combination. I'm thinking of doing a giveaway with 212 if I can find another bottle. People seemed to have a huge boner for it.

  5. I hope bonerific is a Family Guy reference..if it is, I love you. If it's not, I love you anyway.

  6. You know, I actually find the $OPI lasts longer for me as well. It's a little sad, really, because now every time they release a collection I'm like, "Welp, better get 'em all, seeing as how they last so long" while in the background my billfold weeps silently...


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