Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sephora by OPI Mash-Up (GLEE!!!)

Here's my history with Glee.  I don't like to like things that everyone else likes (perhaps one of my character flaws) so I resisted watching it for a very, very long time.  My friend Michele bought the first season when it came out on DVD and made me watch it with her.  For about the first five episodes I was apathetic.  Then all of a sudden Noah Puckerman got to me and I was hooked.  Rawr.  We watch it together every Tuesday, and usually have what is affectionately known as "Glee-Time-Nail-Time!"  The concept is easy to grasp:  we watch Glee and do our nails.  This week's Glee-Time-Nail-Time! was so much better than usual because I had a Sephora by OPI Glee polish, Mash-Up.  And here it is.

A very interesting polish indeed.  I want to call it duochrome, but it seems to have three colors visible.  There's silver, which I think you see most of the time, then purple, and then greenish blue.  The greenish blue is visible, but it was really hard to capture on camera.  There are also bits of glitter in this polish.  It reminds me of that polish from the Katy Perry collection (I didn't get any of those so I can't do a comparison).  The formula was pretty good, if a little sheer.  I did three coats just to make sure there were no bald spots.

Here are some bad pictures that I took in my bathroom.  The second one is particularly good at showing the chameleon-like qualities of Mash-Up.

Here's a terrible iPhone picture that I snapped right before one of my classes started.  The flash brings out the blue-green in Mash-Up.  The guest hand is my friend Michele's.  She's wearing Miss Bossy Pants, also of the Glee collection.  If any of you are interested in seeing that one on me, let me know.  Because I normally don't wear pink.

Mash-Up is great.  I like it a lot even though I'm not really that into metallics.  I think there was a slight price increase for this collection, $9.50 instead of $9.00.  Oh $OPI.  Why do you do this to my wallet?  Why?

That's all for today!  Are any of you planning on picking up some Glee polishes?  Which ones?  I love the names of them.  Also, my favorite moment of Tuesday's Glee episode?  Kurt's When Harry Met Sally reference.  HEART.


  1. I was the same way with Glee, so over hyped that I didn't even want to give it a chance. I ended up watching an episode ( Madona) and still was not too impressed lol But I do use it as background noise on Tuesday nights when I do my nails ;)

  2. I still refuse to watch Glee. I really like that polish though!!!

  3. I love Glee, but after the second season, I got slightly bored. Maybe I just need to sit down with some polish and get to it ;)

    I saw the new collection, and the only polish that appealed to me was the slushie blue color. It's so bright!

  4. I bought the Sue Sylvester color (Who let the dorks out?) Love the name, I haven't tried the color yet, but I'm sure it will be lovely!

  5. Why are people still refusing to watch Glee? Embrace the camp! Actually, I think it's a really serious show masquerading as a fluffy campy thing. Give it a try, Tierney.

  6. AH! I've only seen part of a glee episode, and I guess without the backstory it was kind of confusing. I'll netflix it eventually, but I'm putting it off because I know I'll get addicted =P

  7. Love it! It looks like the Katy Perry Opi duochrome one which I loveddddd

  8. I too have never watched Glee, even though someone I know is really into it. Then again I never paint my nails either!


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