Saturday, March 12, 2011

NEW Sinful Colors: A Tale of Maximum Ridiculousness

Let me tell you about my evening last night.  I finished writing two papers and I thought that to reward myself I would go to Walgreens to hunt for the new CORAL Sinful Colors polish I'd read about.  I put on my little boots and tucked my little skinny jeans into them, blissfully unaware of the horror that awaited me outdoors.  I trudged to my car.  I paused to stare at it.  It was covered with like ten inches of snow.  Heavy, wet snow.  Undeterred, I stepped into the pile of snow near my drivers' side door.  The snow promptly said, "Fuck you, Steff's little boots!  Fuck you Steff's little skinny jeans!  I'm all up in you!  HA!"  I was wet.  I cleaned off my car.  I got inside.  I put it in reverse...and my tires just spun.  I thought, Okay, this is not a lost cause.  It's not a big deal that I can't go anywhere.  I got out of the car.

As I exited the car and hopped over a snowbank I heard someone yell, "You stuck, girl!?"  I looked around and there was a guy looking at me out the window of the basement of the building closest to my parking lot.  Here is how our conversation went:
Him:  You stuck, girl?!
Me:  Yeah, but it's okay.  This is a non-essential trip.
Him:  Lemme come dig you out.
Me:  No!  Really!  It's okay!  I don't actually have to go anywhere.
Him:  Stay right there, I'm coming around.
Me:  Wait!  Even if you dig me out, what if I can't get back into a parking spot when I get back?  There's no guarantee this spot will still be open.
Him:  I'm digging you out.

There was no talking him out of it.  He dug around my little Honda.  I said one more time, "I really don't think I should leave."  He told me to straighten out my tires and step on the gas.  There really was no stopping him.  So I did what he said.  The car didn't budge.  He heaved a huge, exasperated sigh, as if I was MAKING HIM DO THIS, walked around to the front of the car and shoved it.  It rolled out of its space and I was off to Walgreens.  

HILARIOUSLY the Sinful Colors polish I was after is called Hazard.  How fitting.  I drove through feet of snow to get this polish.  And here it is, in my hot (cold) little hands.

You'd better be worth it, little friend.

The lipstick, by the way, is CoverGirl Lip Perfection in Hot Passion.  It's a little matte, so I tried putting some red gloss over it, Urban Decay Pocket Rocket in Colin.  Colin is a fireman.  I like Colin.  

When I got back to my parking lot twenty minutes later of course someone had taken my shoveled spot. As I predicted.  So I gunned it into a snow-covered spot and I felt my car say, "I'm sorry Steff, but...but I'm stuck again now."  I exited my trusty Honda knowing that it got me where I "needed" to go.  So thanks random man for forcing me out of my parking spot and getting me stuck again.  Your random act of kindness was kind, but totally unnecessary and in the end probably not worth it.

And here's my street (crappy iPhone picture in the dark):

Dear Cleveland in March:  you can suck it.  Do you guys have snow too or is it just me?  :(  Also, don't forget to cast your vote for the corals you want to see in my Coral Fixation series.  Sinful Colors Hazard isn't included, but you'll see that one soon.  Don't worry.


  1. No snow in Chicago THANK GOD!!!!! I'm over this cold, bring on spring!! and that sinful looks pretty, cant wait to see it on you!

  2. OMG that is an assload of snow! Its like 70 here O_o But hey, maybe all your corals will coax spring out for you?

  3. Maybe now is not a good time to brag... er... talk about our bright, blue skies.. Temps in the seventies... Birdies singing... No snow...

    *ducks and runs away after stealing Colin*

  4. *grumbles*

    Yeah, we have snow. Effin' Michigan. March came in like a lamb...I'm prepared for disgusting amounts of snow upon its exit.

    Bring on April's showers!

  5. "Colin is a fireman. I like Colin." This made me laugh out loud!
    Sorry about the snow, let's hope the color was worth it!


  6. Oh man, he was determined, but at least you found your goodie after all of that! The worst months for snow are March and April in CO, boo hiss.

  7. LOL, I love your post. Guys, huh?

    Lots of snow here in Sweden!

  8. LOL at the random act of kindness. This polish better behave. It looks nice enough to behave. :)

    Sorry, no snow here in my part of Germany. Instead we had the first two digit temps today that gave a pretty srong hint at spring.

  9. What a cute story! At least you found the polish you were after, that would have sucked if you couldn't. Up here we got hit with about 18" last storm alone :( I'm sick of it!

  10. Wow---- I can't believe you guys got that much more snow than here!!! Only a true nail junkie would go out just for a bottle of sinful =P

  11. I'm glad you told us what that lippie was; it's hot!!!

    You are a true nail blogger! Now, I can't wait to see this swatched on you.

    Glad you are safe...and warm!

  12. it's 55 and sunny with little fluffy clouds where I am! Poor you! That color looks nice though, I can't wait to see it on in order to judge whether I need it lol


  13. I fear that you guys don't understand. I was FORCED out of my parking spot in order to go to Walgreens. I kept telling him, "No, no!" but it did no good. If I had had my way I would have polish hunted another day. But at least Hazard is pretty. And aptly named.

  14. thank gawd he wasn't a creep. I'm dying to see this color.

    Thankfully no snow in MD because I'm so tired of it I may ship myself back to the homeland


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