Friday, March 04, 2011

Nubar Torrid Red (Sex in Polish Form)

I will use pretty much any excuse ever to get dressed up.  A lot of people would consider the way I dress daily to be "dressed up," but sometimes there are special occasions.  My friend (hi Rosemary!) had a show that she curated open last night, so I decided I needed to wear something especially pretty and make my nails especially pretty.  I knew the dress I was going to wear would be black, so I chose to wear a dark red polish. 

Do you know of a sexier polish color than this?  DO YOU?  Ugh, it's just too gorgeous.  To my knowledge, this polish came out with Nubar's Risque Reds collection, which was composed of eight red polishes (two cremes, six shimmers).  My friend Michelle gifted me the whole collection because she knows I love red.  And Torrid Red reminds me why I love it.  The application was perfect on this, too.  It was almost a one-coater.  Gor-geous.  

Sadly I didn't get a picture of me in my dress, but I just got it from the ModCloth 70% off sale.  When I saw it on the site the art historian in me knew that I had to have it.  The top is covered with little cherubs, you see.  The Italian word for cherubs is putti (putto in the singular), pronounced "poo-tee."  Please just say putti out loud to yourself.  I own a garment covered in putti.  Now, because I live in a completely unrealistic world peopled almost entirely by art historians, we all found this hilarious.  All day I was getting people saying, "Stephanie, I can see your putti" or "Oh sorry Stephanie, I just leaned on your putti."  We got many good laughs.  This isn't just a dress, it's a conversation piece.  Here's the top half.

Next time I wear it I'll actually have someone take a picture of me so you can see the whole thing.  It's just fabulous.  

Today begins my spring break, so yay!  This will be my dilemma tonight:

See, I really should be doing research on Bernini terracottas, but my boyfriend just bought me the March Vogue.  What to do.  What.  To.  Do.  

Okay, that's all.  Any positive or negative thoughts on Nubar Torrid Red?  I think it's impossibly glamorous and sexy.  I hope you all have great weekends!


  1. Any bf that buys you a Vogue is a keeper!

    The red is deeefinitely sexy =P

  2. Like te red very much, it's vampy and sexy. The top of the dress looks amazing, can't wait to see a full picture of it!

  3. I agree, Torrid Red just might be the best red I've ever tried on. So sexy, I could be wearing my old PJs and still feel gooood!

  4. GREAT color!! Great dress!! and GREAT boyfriend :)

  5. The polish is gorgeous.

    I'd go for Vogue and let the work related stuff wait.

    Putti all over your dress... Heh heh. Yes, I am twelve... :P

  6. you're right it's a sexy color. I love reds. Oh and read Vogue tonight ! ;)

  7. That Vogue looks delicious. And your waist looks TINY in that picture! Dayum, girlll!

    I'm not a fan of red nail polish but that polish is super sexy. I approve =)

  8. Dovey, he's a keeper even without the Vogue.

    kelsea, my waist is really freakishly small compared to the rest of me. My friends delight in calling it my tiny Victorian waist. I think it makes me look creepy :(

  9. is it sad that my museum geek (angel) says you must read at least a bit o' sketches before the fashion victim (deviL) perched on the other shoulder beats the museum geek over the head? hehe.
    Just scored loads of modcloth in that sale too. Got the bunny ring, sooo happy.

  10. I ended up neither doing Bernini research nor reading Vogue. I watched the Sex and the City movie with my friend and cried a lot. Sometimes a girl needs that. God, Mr. Big...nom.

  11. Ooooh shimmery reds are my favorite! Looks great on you. I stopped wearing reds for a long time, but I've just recently started getting excited by them again.

  12. Yay for belated lurking! Thanks for the shoutout--you looked lovely as usual!


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