Thursday, April 28, 2011

Coral Fixation: Essie Cute As A Button

Welcome back to Coral Fixation!  Remember when I conducted that poll asking which coral polishes you guys wanted to see?  It's time to reinstate coral madness.  The winner of the poll was AA Poppy, which I showed you back in March.  Runner-up was Essie Cute As A Button, and here it is. 

(sorry, no sun!)

Cute As A Button, which I've shown once before, was released a couple springs ago along with Chubby Cheeks, which is one of my favorite Essie names.  This one is a pink-leaning coral that really is kind of a chameleon.  Depending on the light it can look either hot pink or coral.  This basically means that sometimes I really like this polish and sometimes I hate it because hot pink isn't, and never will be, my jam.  I found the formula to be a little thick, but workable.  This is three coats.  It's pretty, but it's not my favorite coral.  It does have a nice squishy, almost jelly look to it, though.  

Something that I do really like about Cute As A Button is that it almost matches one of my all time favorite lipsticks!  MAC Vegas Volt!

See what I'm talking about!? think I'm crazy, don't you?  Crazy AWESOME.  Anyway...

Right after I put this post up I'm going to go turn in my final portfolio for my last class, hear a dissertation prospectus pitch, and then I'm done with this semester.  Yesterday I celebrated my first day of not really having any academic obligations by staying in bed until 1 and then having breakfast for lunch with my boyfriend.  Then I iTunes-rentined Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and watched it alone in my underwear.  This either makes me a sad lonely hermit or kind of a rockstar.  Regardless, it was wonderful.  Today I have no idea what I'll do after I drop my portfolio off.  Finishing my first year of graduate school seems like a big deal, but I don't know how to celebrate.  

I was thinking of going to buy MAC Ever Hip because it re-releases today with the Fashion Flower collection, but one of my besties, Angela, is going to send me a tube (thank you Angela!).  She can get to her MAC in the morning and I can't, and I'm afraid it'll sell out before I get my paws on one.  Barring a MAC shopping spree, there's really nothing else I want to do but drink a cup of really good coffee.  And, actually, walk around the art museum.  There's nothing like staring at beautiful paintings and thinking, "HA!  I am not currently obliged to write about you!"

That's all for today.  The week is almost over, hooray!  What do you guys think about Essie Cute As A Button?  Cute enough for you?  Too pink?  Too orange?  Too blah?  Spill.


  1. I love Cute As A Button and Chubby Cheeks. Interesting spring and summer nail polishes!

  2. I say meh to this...although it does match your lipstick perfectly! (Crazy awesome...FYI.) I guess because you can pull off more daring and loud shades I like them better on you!

  3. I think is rather nice, but like you, hot pink is not my thing. I think watching a movie in your undies makes you TOTALLY a rock star.

  4. The polish...meh, but Vegas Volt!! I MUST HAVE IT! I love pink leaning coral lippies...seriously the most flattering shade on my face! haha

  5. I love that polish and your matching lipstick too ! so pretty. I love corals. I'm painting my nails in coral while writing (yeah multi tasking ! lol)

  6. Varnish Vixen, if you don't have Vegas Volt you need it. Aaaaaand you should probably check out Ever Hip ;)

  7. I love CAAB! I have it but haven't worn it yet. Think this will be my next mani.

  8. This is one of my favorite Essie polishes ever! Love the color and the name!

  9. Ooh! I have that color and love it as well. It looks great on you. Btw awesome blog, am a new follower. ;)


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