Friday, April 15, 2011

Nubar Essence

I have no idea what made me choose to wear this polish.  Out of everything I own I for some reason reach for a frosty pink with chunky holo glitter?  Really?

Um...this is so not me.  BUT I do like the delicate pink color with my skin tone.  This is from the Prisms collection, released, I think, in the spring of 2010.  I have almost this whole collection, gifted to me by my friend Michelle who is unfailingly generous and lovely.  You guys remember China Glaze Good Witch?  Remember how when that collection was re-released people were peeing themselves wanting the colors and then they turned out a little meh because of the frost+glitter formula?  Well, that's kind of how Nubar Essence is.  The base is a somewhat frosty light pink, which, when combined with glitter, makes the finish look bumpy.  You can kind of tell in the first picture.  Besides that, though, I guess this isn't a bad polish.  It only took two coats, so that's good.  I used two coats of topcoat here.  No matter what anyone tells you, not all of the Nubar Prisms have smooth finishes.  Gem, Essence, Jewel...I'm sure there are a few others...they're bumpy as hell when they dry.  Trust.  

So it's Friday and my class for the day was cancelled.  I need to finish one of my papers and just get it out of the way, so that's my plan for the whole day.  I had a tiny triumph on Wednesday when I gave a presentation on my idea for an exhibition in front of some museum staff and it was remarkably well-received.  I felt good for about an hour, until I remembered all the stuff I have to get done.  Then I felt buried alive again.  But still!  People liked my ideas and that's super exciting to me.  I've also realized that as soon as I'm done with finals I'm going to need to make some major changes to my life, and I'm...not looking forward to it.  Restructuring is the worst.  I can tell this summer won't be relaxing...but I only have a week and a day left of this semester, so I just need to power through.  Everything's due by April 28th, and it can't come soon enough.  T-I-R-E-D.

Okay, enough complaining.  Opinions on Nubar Essence?  Do you prefer a scattered holo like this one or a more linear holo like China Glaze OMG?  Again, I have no idea what possessed me to wear this one.  I even have most of OMG at my disposal.  What's wrong with meeeee?


  1. I have total faith in you! You can make it through these next two weeks!!


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