Monday, May 02, 2011

American Apparel Mount Royal (!!!)

I don't really normally wear blue polish.  Something about blue feels suuuuuuuper high school to me, so I usually steer clear of it unless I'm in love with the color (or it's navy).  I'm not sure when I got American Apparel Mount Royal, but I know that it took me a really long time to wear it.

I really don't think I could be more in love with a blue than I turned out to be with Mount Royal.  What's not to love?  I find these pictures to be slightly inaccurate, color-wise.  This blue has more of a dusty quality to it.  You have to see it in person to appreciate it.  The formula was perfect as always; this was two coats.  However, this polish wore like crap on me as many American Apparels do.  It lasted for less than twenty four hours before I had noticeable chipping.  I didn't use my Gelous trick this time, so let that be a lesson to me.  

On Saturday night my classmates and I attended an Indians game in order to celebrate our newfound academic freedom.  I'm kind of a weird chick in that I dress really girly, I do my makeup and my nails, but I swear like a sailor and I have a dirtier mind than most people will ever know.  I also really, really enjoy baseball (and football!).  I was a kid when the Indians were actually really good, so I grew up absolutely adoring them.  Still do.  So I was pretty excited to get to go watch a game again.  I decided I'm going to do that a lot this summer since bleacher seats are only $12.  But, as my boyfriend reminded [reprimanded] me last night, I need to wear sunscreen.  My creamy, creamy skin just can't handle any kind of UV happening.

Not really a bad view for $12.

Happy happy funtimes!

Aaaaaand nomming some cotton candy.  Yar.  I don't like cotton candy but it seemed like something I had to do. 

So yeah.  That was really fun.  The game went into extras and the Indians beat Detroit in the 13th :)  And no, it wasn't lost on me that AA Mount Royal is pretty close to a nice Indians blue.

Did you guys do anything fun this weekend?  Do you feel the same way that I do about Mount Royal?  I wish it had lasted a bit longer on me.  Sad panda.


  1. I adore Mount Royal! I find blues look really good on my skintone so I tend to wear them a lot, and Mount Royal is one of my faves!

  2. Mount Royal is gorgeous - I haven't tried any of the new AA polishes, but this makes me want to. It's totally a perfect Indians blue.

    I also spent the weekend at the ballpark, but was too lazy to do my nails in Nationals red. Next time, for sure!

  3. I did my nails in a bright coral (which is a first) and went to a Yankees game. So much fun and the weather was great!

  4. I have this color, and it wore badly on me a well, too bad because it is sooo pretty!

  5. Everyone's going to baseball games, yay! The best. Funnest times ever.


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