Sunday, May 15, 2011

MAC In the Buff

Ah, In the Buff.  My relationship with you has been long and trying.  First, I hear about all MAC collections either via one of my besties, Angela, or through Temptalia.  So I read about In the Buff before it was released.  Kinda wanted it.  Then I saw this post on my friend Nathalie's blog.  Made me want it even more.  Then when I actually dragged my butt to MAC and saw it in person I thought, Eh.  Is this worth the money?  I decided no.  But then my friend bought it.  And she let me use it.  And I thought, Sonofabitch.  Why didn't I buy this?!  I went back to MAC, but alas, I was way too late.  They were all gone.  So I was sad.  Until I saw this post on Also Known As.  I offered to give Kellie's bottle of In the Buff a really, really nice home and she is glorious and sent it to me.  Squee!  

Oooooh, it's just perfectly ugly, isn't it?  What is this color?!  I don't know!  Kind of a beige, but with a couple drops of green thrown in, I suppose?  Mustardy?  Kind of?  I don't know what color it is and I don't care.  Because I love it.  The application was great for me.  I did two coats; the formula was a little hard to level out properly, but it didn't take that much effort.  And the end result was entirely worth it.  I'm so excited to have this one.  I'm going to use it on my toesies soon, I think.  I've got OPI Dulce de Leche on my toes now and it's a little too close to my skin color to be entirely satisfying.  

So, to conclude:  YAY.  Thanks Kellie :)  I'll keep this bottle of In the Buff warm and safe.  Any opinions on this one, guys?  Are you into these "weird" or "ugly-pretty" colors?  Have you got a favorite one?    


  1. Totally into fuglies. Love them mightily. Would love to have this.

  2. I have a sneaking suspicion that this would turn to baby poo on my skin tone. Also, darn you for introducing me to even MORE nail polish blog collection is starting to look Helmer-worthy with all this lemming induced madness!

  3. I love owning these pukey colours, but I really need to be in a mood to wear them LOL

  4. Ooo, Not sure whether I think it's ugly or pretty or both. I'm not brave enough, so I'll just enjoy the color from afar =)

  5. I love these type of colours. edgy/ugly/pretty/chic. Have a feeling this one wouldn't work on me though (at least thats what I'm telling myself so I don't go crazy trying to find it...)

  6. cilucia, I'm always in the mood! I guess I'm a weirdo.

    Dovey, you're definitely brave enough. Plus this one might look nice with your skintone :)

    Lesley, you can probably find it on eBay if you wanna look.

  7. I love fuglies! My current faves are Kleancolor's Fashionista (baby poop brown-green) and butter LONDON's Bumster (weird murky mustardy yellow), which flatter my caramel skintone, thankfully. I don't have this one though so off to eBay I go!


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