Saturday, May 14, 2011

OPI From A to Z-urich

There's something weird going on with blogger.  It's deleting random things like comments, but only certain ones.  I don't know what's happening and I'm bad with technology.  Is anyone else having issues?  

Anyway, the other day I was looking through my polishes and I picked up OPI From A to Z-urich from the Swiss collection (which is of course unused) and thought it was Miami Beet, which is one of my favorite OPIs.  When I saw that it was not in fact Miami Beet, I thought I'd better try it out.

There were a lot of reds in the Swiss collection, and this is the only one I got.  Although, I don't know that this can really be classified as "red" per se.  It's more of a berry, isn't it?  Well, it looks more berry in the shade and a bit redder in the sun.  In the bottle I was feeling kind of so-so about it, but on the nail I really, really like it.  It's elegant and sexy.  The formula was faaaaaantastic, too.  Not too thick, not too thin...just wonderful.  

The only other thing I have to share is this dress that I got to wear to a friend's wedding.  I found it at Target for $20, and I really like it.  Please ignore the fact that I look like I haven't slept in days.  The overhead lights in the dressing room totally exacerbate and tired-issues I'm having.  

Oh how I love Target.

To end, I'd say that From A to Z-urich is nothing truly special, but if it'll fill a hole in your collection it's a good one to have.  Opinions? 


  1. That polish looks pretty on you! It's not a polish I feel like I need though. I rarely wear colors like that anyways.

    Cuuuteee dress! <3

  2. I never wear reds anymore, haha I guess I got tired of them... Thats a cute shade though!

  3. I have Miami Beet, but I never wear it :/ I comes out much darker than I expect, every single time, haha.

    I actually have an education-y question for you. I'm starting at a pretty Canada-famous university in August and I'm torn between majoring in Anthropology, Art History, Philoshophy or English lit. I'd go on to do my Masters in a science anyway, so this is just me getting an arts major out of my system :) Any suggestions? I don't know anyone else in Art History...

  4. Hi calms. Well, of course I'm going to recommend art history because I love it, but it's not for everyone (or so I've heard). The study combines so many different disciplines, like economics, history, language, iconography, religion, etc. I think that art historians are the smartest people in the world (I don't include myself in this milieu; I'm talking about people like Ros Krauss and Erwin Panofsky), and it takes a lot of dedication and intelligence to study it well. But then again, I also know that a lot of people think it's a throw-away "easy" major. I know different. If you love art and want to look at it every day, I say go for it. I could never do anything different. Plus it's sort of a facet of anthropology, is it not? As for philosophy, you've got to know a lot of that in art history as well ;)

    Hope that helps. If you want to chat about it shoot me an e-mail. I'd be happy to respond.

  5. I've been having problems with blogger as well. It took me ages to be able to post, and was really difficult to format, which I haven't run into before. No idea why it's like that though :(

    I LOVE that dress on you, it looks fabulous!

  6. I hope blogger fixes itself; definitely starting to irritate me.

    And thanks! I love me a deal.

  7. First I'd love to say how much I loooove your blog- it's my absolute favorite. Second, this color is pretty but not as good as the CG cherry pie in your last post! I love that color, I've gotta get it for my collection!!

  8. I've been looking at all the colours I originally passed up from the swiss collection at it seems that all of them have grown on me with time...Think I might have to go on a polish hunt.

  9. I really love this color ! Yeah, blogspot has been weird these days, i've changed my blog url and it kept deleting it :| and comments & posts. I hope it won't make us mad this week, too :d

  10. This look so much better on you than me!! Granted, I did it as a pedi, but it was one of the first colors I've put on and wanted to take off immediately. *sigh* Maybe I need to try it as a mani...:-)

  11. Emily, thank you! I never thought mine would be anyone's favorite blog, but I'm glad you like it :) Cherry Pie is seriously awesome, and if you can't find it I know of two alternatives: OPI Dress to Empress and China Glaze Sexy.

    Lesley, that happened to me with Espana. I thought I didn't want any of them, and then months after the fact I found myself seeking them out and taking them home with me.

    Alexa, I wonder what's going on. I keep coming across other bloggers who say things are going wonky, too. I hate it when stuff gets deleted :(

    Courtney, try it on your hands. Maybe you'll like it. If not, hunt down Miami Beet ;)


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