Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tag Time!

Gail of Today's Agenda tagged me for a little award, and since I love doing things like this I thought I would :)

Yay, thank you Gail!  You're so sweet.  I guess I have to share ten facts about myself, and since I've done things like this a myriad of times it's always a challenge to come up with new fun facts.  So here we go.

1.  I'm a huge baseball fan, which I told you about in this post.  When I was growing up the Indians were really good, so I went to a lot of games and spent my summers watching them kick ass.  Then, the year I went to live in Chicago the White Sox ended up winning the World Series, and I was all up in that milieu.  It was super fun.  I'm going to spend this summer watching the Indians kick ass again (from the bleachers, because I'm poor and I don't have a tv).

[image credit:]

Ah, Charlie Sheen in the good ol' days.  Wild Thing, you make my heart sing.

2.  My childhood room is painted the color of a green highlighter. 

3.  I wear jackets with elbow patches on (and pose awkwardly in mirrors). 

4.  My hair has been long and untamed since I was 15 or so.  It seems to drive my boyfriend crazy, since he's always telling me I need to condition it more.  Lookit that candid picture.

6.  My mom used to teach horseback riding and I rode in high school.  I miss it a lot.

7.  My favorite movie of all time is When Harry Met Sally...  It starts out at The University of Chicago, my alma mater, and I just adore the love story.

Loving that window sticker, Meg.  Lovin' it a lot.

8.  I am Irish and Czech, predominantly.  I think.  That's why I'm sooooo pale and northern European-looking.

9.  I am a loyal Apple consumer.  I can't wait to check out the new iPhone!

10.  I have what I refer to as "power songs."  These are songs that I listen to when I need to get pumped up, or even when I need to wake up.  Some of my power songs include:
Don't Bring Me Down, Electric Light Orchestra
Tik Tok, Ke$ha
Born This Way, Lady Gaga
That Thing You Do, The Wonders
Kiss, Prince
Pretty much all of Full Moon Fever, Tom Petty

I think I'm also supposed to tag ten bloggers to do this as well, but I haven't been keeping up enough to know who has done this and who hasn't, and I tend to be super behind with these things.  So I'll just say that you're tagged if you wanna be ;)  


  1. TOM PETTY <3

    I just LOVE the color of your room by the way.

  2. That jacket is FAB! I love elbow patch jackets =)

    Get out! You're Czech? Me toooooo

    I rode up until last year(freshman year of college). I miss horses.


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