Wednesday, June 15, 2011

China Glaze Sneaker Head

Last week my good friend Sam was gone from Cleveland visiting her mom in Massachusetts.  She was super excited to go home and hang out in Provincetown, and I asked her to bring me back something.  I've never been anywhere in New England, but thoughts of it have always felt so Kennedy-esque and...Gilmore Girls-y.  I desperately wanted to go with her, but I settled for staying in Cleveland and asking for a souvenir.  My requirements were as follows:
1.  That the souvenir be a coffee vessel
2.  That the souvenir feature a lobster prominently (I associate New England with well as with the Kennedy family and Lorelai Gilmore)
3.  That the souvenir be really, really kitschy
She returned with this for me.

My new lobster mug says, "Steamed til I get my coffee."  PER-FECT.  New favorite coffeetime mug.
(Please excuse the windswept hair)

To celebrate my gift I decided to choose a polish that reminded me of lobsters a little bit and that is also one of my favorites, China Glaze Sneaker Head from the summer 2009 Kicks Collection.

This polish change was rushed and I got Sneaker Head all over my cuticles.  But I couldn't be bothered to do any clean-up, just like I apparently couldn't be bothered to brush my hair before I took a picture.  I. Love.  Sneaker Head.  It's a lovely red creme with a generous amount of pink happening that makes it almost berry, but not quite.  The formula is perfect, too.  Is it unique?  Probably not.  But it has a permanent home in my collection (and I love it on my toes!).  

That's it for today!  As this post goes up I'll be knee-deep in research for my internship, and then I work at Coffee Inc. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and I think Sunday.  It's a busy week for me, but I'm going to try to get another post up before the end of it.  

Opinions on Sneaker Head?  Does anyone else have any favorite polishes from the Kicks Collection?  I'm partial to Custom Kicks and Breakin, myself, but...every color in that set was pretty awesome.


  1. I don't have any from this collection, but I have Paper Chasing on my WL for ages now. It's totally awesome. And I *love* the mug!! Awesome. :D You talking about Gilmore girls made me miss the show ... I watched it ages ago, whole seasons, and I really liked them.

  2. I LOVE Sneakerhead on you! Gorgeous!

    I totes associate NE with Gilmore Girls. *am fangirl*

  3. I am from Massachusetts originally, but have been living on the west coast for a year now....your lobster mug may have made me a bit homesick :D LOVE IT and sneaker head!

  4. Anna, Gilmore Girls is my almost-favorite show. It was my favorite until I found Dexter. And then I found Six Feet Under, which has eclipsed all. But lately I've found myself wanting to go back to Stars Hollow a little bit. Good them I have them all on DVD! ;)

  5. Love the mug! That's the way to do coffee!! Sneaker head's such a good name--- I'm loving reds lately, which is odd for summer, but why not?

    I just read your comment above--- I love Dexter, which makes me curious about Six Feet Under. I'll have to Netflix that (if possible)

  6. Sneaker head has been on my desk for a week saying wear me. WEAR ME dammit! I'm waiting for a little of that bright light in the sky. Sneaker Head is one of the very (VERY) few colors I'll play matchy tips and toes with and it's been too cold for sandals.

  7. it's really pretty color, just right for summer

  8. Dovey, if you like Dexter you really can't go wrong with SFU. It's not on Netflix instant, but you can get the discs sent to you or whatever. It's worth it.

  9. I love this color! I've never seen it before. I live in Massachusetts, and your mental images of New England are hilarious! I guess they're spot on in some ways though, haha.

  10. I love your mug! lolol

    That polish isn't bad, either. For being windswept, your hair was fine. ;)

  11. Haha, thanks. I don't usually care what my hair looks like, but I thought it looked particularly crazy in that photo.

  12. I will use it, definitely. It's a gorgeous color.


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