Monday, June 13, 2011

Essie Da Bush (PotC Dupe?)...Also, Feathers

Hey guys.  Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  I'm doing the best I can!  Remember when I wore OPI Stranger Tides and loved it?  The lovely cilucia from Spaz & Squee suggested that instead of getting a back-up bottle of Stranger Tides I opt for Essie Da Bush from the 2011 Resort collection, which is really close to Stranger Tides.  Then that way I'd have the OPI and the Essie.  I liked the way you were thinking, cilucia, so I went out and got Da Bush.  And here it is.  Sorry for my cuticles.  They are sad from working at Coffee Inc. 

Very pretty and very, very similar to OPI Stranger Tides.  Da Bush (what a stupid name) is a weird, murky and grayed out sage green.  Maybe a khaki green?  I don't know.  It's hard to describe.  I do love it, though.  Now, how does it really compare to Stranger Tides?

This is my thumb, where I taped off the middle strip.  What you see in the middle is Essie Da Bush, and on either side is OPI Stranger Tides.  So, they're extremely close...but they're not dupes.  cilucia also mentioned that here, but I've seen a ton of people call them exact dupes.  At least on me...close, but no cigar.  Da Bush is slightly darker and slightly more blue-toned.  Unless you're crazy about these colors I don't think you need both.  Both of them took three coats for me.  Personally I prefer the OPI.  The color speaks to me a bit more and I'm always more likely to stick with the Pro-Wide brush.

And now a totally unrelated question.  How do you guys feel about the feathers-in-the-hair trend?  Recently I was at Urban Outfitters with a friend and I found a clip with feathers hanging off of long chains.  I put it in my hair and loved the look.  She hated it so I ended up not buying it...but then I went back when she was gone and got it anyway ;)  Hey, I couldn't help it.  I loved them.

I mean, I have a lot of hair so it's not like they're SUPER noticeable.  And they're brown, which I think complements my hair nicely.  I'm pretty into them.  What do you think?  Also, the lipstick is MAC Ruby Woo.  Woooooooooo.

Oh hi.

That's it for today.  So, which is it for you?  Da Bush or Stranger Tides?  Or both?  Or...neither?  I'm glad I have them both, but if I could only save one from a fire it'd be Stranger Tides.  Although neither one has legs to save itself so I guess that's just not fair...


  1. I think I like both, not sure if I would get both though.
    I'm so into to the feathers too, the hubs wasn't to impress but what does he knows, right? love it!

  2. I love the feather look-reminds me of back in the 80s when we used them for roach clips. Yes I am dating myself! Love your blog!

  3. Great comparison, haven't got either one of them yet but will probably add OPI to my stash soon. That brush works better for me!

    About the feather.. I honestly thought you got a pet snake hanging around your shoulder. But then I found out it's a feather thingie and I think I like it! Just needs some getting used to :).

  4. haha! *fist pump*

    I think the feather looks nice in your hair. Seems kinda bohemian on you!

  5. Like the comparison you did, very original.
    But the hair thing has got to go. I was so worried for your safety, taking pictures of yourself, totally oblivious to the rattle snake lurking in your hair.
    Your hair is so lovely, just let it be.

  6. I *like* Stranger Tides but Essie's brush and formula seem to like me wayyy better than OPI's and the Pro Wide brush(I just can't dig it)

    I'm not a fan of the feather hair extensions in general but I realllllly dig it on you! It!

  7. Clearly you've laid to rest the exact dupe idea =P. I'd have to go with stranger tides, but the essie is pretty too. As for the feathers, isn't that a trend Ke$ha started? I'll take a pass for the birds' sake, but it is creative looking =)

  8. Funnily enough, I always joke that I am going to be Ke$ha for Halloween 2011. I guess I've gotten my costume off to a good start.

    It seems to be about 50/50 on the feather thing, but I still like it. They blow in the wind and move when I walk, so the "snake" issue isn't really salient. A few people asked me where I got the clip/told me that they liked it today, so I think I'm going to keep on truckin' with my Ke$ha feathers.

  9. i love this color polish! i've been looking for a great mint green.
    (p.s. yay for midwestern grad students :)

  10. There's a glazed ceramic pottery from Korea called celadon. Most experts claim Korean celadon is the finest in the world. Anyway, Da Bush is the SAME EXACT color as celadon. I'm just going to have to try it since I absolutely love celadon pottery. (Grew up in South Korea)

  11. The polish - not my kinda shade but dig it on other people. The feather - definitely love it!! My hair is too curly to wear them I think :( But if you can rock it out, I definitely say do it up!

  12. Nancy, you're totally right. I know about celadon (really, really beautiful). I was flipping through a Sotheby's catalogue the other day and there were some really gorgeous celadon examples. Made me think of you and Da Bush!

    Thanks beauty-obsessed! I'm going to wear it for a while and see what people think. My friend with curly hair was wearing a feather and I thought it looked nice, so don't sell your curly hair short!

  13. Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle "Creamy Olive" looks very similar to this polish. I wonder if they're dupes. I love the color! Your nails look great!

  14. Love the polish and love the feather hair super cute... i hope u can follow back


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