Friday, July 29, 2011

Illamasqua Phallic

Hi friends.  Have you ever said to yourself, "Gee, I really wish I had a nail polish named after the implication of male genitalia?"  Yeah, me too.  And that's why I have Illamasqua Phallic.

With flash.

Blurred for sparkle factor.

These photos aren't great because it's storming here in Cleveland.  Phallic is a deep, dark navy blue absolutely packed with blue glitter.  The glitter gives it this amazing depth that makes the polish look like little jewels glistening underwater.  The formula was pretty good; very smooth.  Two coats would have been okay, but I did three just to be safe.  Sometimes I get bad luck and cuticle drag with darker colors, and I find the Illamasqua brush to be kind of stiff.

Close-up of the bottle.  Looks like blue velvet, huh?

This is the second time this week that my nails have been inspired by what I was wearing.  I wore this to work at the museum the other day:

Long sweater:  Charming Charlie, belt:  H&M, tank:  Old Navy, black skinnies:  H&M, earrings:  Forever21

I was playing with different shades of blue.  Even my earrings are turquoise (and coral).  I remember buying this long sweater/vest thing at ChaCha's in December or so.  Normally I wear it with my favorite LBD from H&M, but I've been branching out with it lately.  Anyway, I decided that I wanted my nails to match a little bit, so that's why I ended up choosing Phallic.  That and the name makes me giggle.

That's all for today.  How does everyone feel about Phallic?  Are blues your thing ('cause they're not normally mine)?  Any opinions on outfit-and-nail-polish matching?


  1. I love this blue! Plus how can you resist the title? I'm getting a bottle TODAY! Blues are part of my thing-with greens and browns. Love the outfit

  2. I luuurve it. So pretty. Although now I feel weird because I'm eating a banana.

  3. I do like blues, especially jewel toned ones like Phallic (I am ghostly white and cool skin basically has a blue sort of glow to it, so I think they look nice on me). I've got a Maybelline polish called Denim Dash, which reminds me of a brighter version of Phallic, and it's one of my favorites to wear (particularly on my toes). And again I love your outfit! I really like your style--it's totally what I aspire to dress like (but I never do because I am a lazy, unmotivated bum when it comes to putting an outfit together!)

  4. Very very nice! Can you please tell me where I can purchase Illamasqua? I live in the Cleveland area too & have never seen it anywhere.

  5. Hi nancy! Yay for Cleveland! This polish was purchased for me and sent to me by another blogger whose Sephora carries Illamasqua, but you can easily order them online from Neither of the Sephoras relatively near me have them either (Crocker Park, Beachwood).

  6. You're so fun, I love that you post about your wardrobe choices too, so great! I think in this case the polish matching was done in taste - you had blue accents in your clothes but it wasn't all blue so it wasn't overkill. Diggin' it.

    As for 'Phallic' (really wanted to write the name), I love it. It reminds me of MAC's Ming Blue, do you know if they're similar? I'm definitely a blue polish gal!

  7. I have to get going on adding some Illumasque polish to my collection. Never had access to them to even look and I like to look before I try. Blogs help and sometimes I fall in love with a blog photo and just go for it. Last time I did that however, ended up with a horrible shade for me and a lousy formula on a polish brand I never tried before...lets say it was not a Deb Lippmann formula. But maybe I can hit a Seph. when I am in a bigger town in the next few months and will get lucky and they will have this brand. I like the color and the sparkle. Great outfit! Living rural area, folks look funny at me if I dress up at all. We are so casual here that even something like you have on in the photo looks too dressy around here. I have a chronic bone disease and not able to work due to it and a current cancer battle as don't need work clothing..and when I do work, it's in a science lab with major protective coats and head gear so not too much desire to dress up to cover up there!

  8. ACK. I don't think I can get over the name; Illamasqua does some crazy stuff. I was grossed out by "bacterium" which was, admittedly, a fitting name.

    The color, however is beautiful! This sparkly deep blue seems to be all over the place for fall =)


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