Saturday, August 06, 2011

Death Throes

I figured I'd post the last pictures my little camera ever took.  Funnily enough, the camera itself seems to be fine; the display still works and I can perform functions like delete photos, etc.  It's just the basic mechanism of the lens et al that is totally donezo.  Sad.  But long story short, I was able to upload the last photos that were on it into iPhoto.

I was beyond excited to pick up this dress at Old Naves last week.

Dress (Old Navy), belt (H&M), tonight-we-dine-in-hell sandals (Blowfish, DSW)

I would have liked to have worn it without the belt, but I had to size up from my normal 8 to make it fit across the chest properly.  It was pretty snug.  The result of that was that the waist is now too big on me.  This is of course a problem that is easily solved, but it messes with the minimalist aesthetic.  But anyway, I adore this dress.  If you've got an Old Navy near you or you like shopping online, pick this one up.  You can dress it up for work or dress it down for play.  I'm pretty excited to pair it with different necklaces and belts :)

So there you have it.  My last sad photos.  Too bad they're not of my nails since this is, y'know, a nail polish blog 'n all.  But I thought you guys might like to see the item in my wardrobe that I'm just swooning over right now.  Oh, and for the sake of continuity and on-topic-ness, I have OPI Stranger Tides on my nails ;)


  1. I love these types of dresses, and this one looks fab on you. RIP, ShortnChic camera :/

  2. I love your fashion shots! Am loving those sandals. Am so sad about your camera. Hope things get better for you soon.

  3. Daaaayam! So sad about your camera. If I had the money I would totally send you a new one just so I could selfishly slobber over your blog again.

  4. Ah. great timing, I need a dress like this! sorry about Mr. camera :(

  5. Hello!!! I think you look so gorgeous, I've been watching all your pictures and I think this blog is your best idea... everything is good and you've got enough fashion, it's all about style, isn't it? by the way, that dress is beautiful, I just can't believe it because I haven't seen good styles for Old Navy yet... it is the first. Absolutely.

  6. Wow! beautiful dress, I think it would be better if you using a blue make up in order to combine with your dress, I mean in your eyes because you have beautiful eyes.


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