Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Juuuuust Perfect

Well, this morning my camera ended up falling off my desk somehow onto my hardwood floor.  And bouncing and hitting the floor again.  And so I'm out of commission for a while.  This week really is shitty.  I suppose it's just as well, if everything happens for a reason, because I was thinking the other day that I really should start to focus on finishing up my internship work and then (shudder) school stuff.  The no camera thing removes the blogging temptation. But still, I'm bummed.

I meant to blog a lot more this summer than I got the chance to.  And I know you're thinking, Hey, it's the beginning of August!  There's still a ton of summer left!  Yesterday I got e-mails from my department telling me to put TA training on my calendar (August 23rd!) and basically to start planning gallery talks for my students.  I meet with my advisor next week to register for classes, and after that I'm sure it'll just be a blur.

Nonetheless, I will work on getting my poor little camera better.  It feels weird not having a working one.  I'll still be around if anyone wants to e-mail or anything like that, but I suppose there will be no more nail frivolity for a while :(

Take care.


  1. Aww. I send get-well wishes to your camera and to you I send "just breathe and everything will be OK" wishes. :)

  2. Oh that's so sad! I'm so sorry to hear all the crap going on. You could always gripe here with no pictures and we can commiserate with you if you feel the need. I may just email you if you don't mind!

  3. Oh man, that blows.
    Well, even though you don't have a camera, keep us updated on your happenings anyway!

  4. Awww, poor little camera!! I can't believe how quickly the summer went. We start school the 22nd *gulp*

    Keep us updated =)

  5. Aw man, I am a blogger's curse I think. Anytime I subscribe to a blog, they go on hiatus. I'm with everyone else--I like your posts, even if they're pictureless. I'll look forward to future ones, even if they're months and months away :)

  6. Sharing camera woes with ya. Mine just won't recognize it has an SD card it it. It only puts photos to the small internal hard memory and keeps telling me it's full and it's not bad SD cards. UGH. The camera did not drop or anything like yours did. I keep an old dig. cam. but now days, it's card does not fit into any computer slot. I need to spend $65 on one of those will read every card possible things. Seems cheaper to buy a really cheap back up camera than a device that is one more plug in something to keep track of. Good looking on your shopping for a new camera. FYI, eons ago I got my undergrad degree in art history, ended up with a MS and PhD in microbiology and worked as a clinical lab scientist! Go figure - I love art and history still to this day.


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