Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pixel Show Me the $: The Only Mint Green I'll Ever Wear Again

I have found the only mint green polish I'll ever need to wear again.  No, really.  And photographs don't do it justice, which is sad.

This is Pixel Show Me the $.  Despite the [really] stupid name, I am seriously loving this one.  It's a very sheer mint green jelly.  So, look at the beautiful color.  Sear it in your brain.  Now let me tell you what's wrong with this polish.
1.  The cost to bottle size ratio.  .17 fl oz for $2.49.  Siiiiiigh.
2.  The sheerness.  Took five coats to build up to this color.
3.  The combination of 1 and 2.  I've used this little bottle once and it's almost a quarter gone because of all the coats I needed.

Even though problems 1 through 3 suck, I.  Love.  This.  Color.  If you really like sheers, pick this one up!  It's such a great twist on a neutral sheer.  The good thing about this one is that it dried really quickly even with five coats.  I put on some quick dry topcoat, sat quietly for about 30 minutes, and at the end of my quiet time it was completely dry.  This polish is like...the one that's missing from the RBL Spongebob Collection (see Starfish Patrick here and Bikini Bottom here).  Don't you think?  Show Me the $ would fit in perfectly with those shades.  

Sidebar:  Facebook is creeping me out.  Here are the ads on the side of my page right now: 
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50% off Salon de la Mer (local place a couple miles away)!
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This creepy apparatus is appealing to my love of makeup and coffee.  It's slowly trying to take over my life, I think.  Anyway, that's all.  Opinions on this polish?  On Pixel generally?  Has anyone tried a Pixel that isn't incredibly sheer?  Oh, and the title of this post clearly isn't true.  I'm still going to buy mint green polishes even though I don't like them.  Who are we kidding?


  1. It's so pretty! Way too many coats, but still pretty.
    I have one Pixel polish and it's a bright coral color. It's really pigmented and only needed about two coats. The Pixel polishes around here are only $1.99.

  2. I think that is too much work just to get to sheer-I don't have the patience for 5 coats!

  3. It's awesome, seriously. A typically you color. But it's more a grey than a mint green if you ask me (I know you don't, ah ah), anyway it looks a bit like a sheer/paler version of Sinful Seaweed. And I prefer the look of 5 coats of sheer pastel like this one rather than the look of 2 or 3 chalky/opaque ones (hello Essie Mint Candy Apple).

    As for the 5ml bottle... it's tiny indeed but you know what? There are even tinier bottles in France (0.11 fl oz for about 3$)! And that's not even make up for dolls or kids. Yay!

  4. So much love for this polish right now. I'm addicted to anything jelly and would put up with 12 coats if the color is cute enough (which this totally is). I definitely agree with Nathalie that it looks a lot more grey than green, but that really only makes me love it more. I also agree with the Spongebob too - I kind of wish this would have replaced Bikini Bottom all together.

    Oh, and for your creepy Facebook ads: Facebook makes a big effort to make the ads you see relevant. The more things you link your FB to, or write about in your profile, the more "personalized" ads you'll see. So if you've linked your profile to this blog, or have your barista job listed, you'll see ads that relate to that. And if you check in places through FB or even just have your specific location listed, they'll make sure you see ads from your area. Crazy, but it sure is making Facebook a ton of money.

    BTW, and I meant to put this on your Touring America post but alas, you were too quick to update, you HAVE to get Uh Oh Roll Down The Window. I mean even the name screams gross fugly color. But it's so gorgeous on: think Stranger Tide about 10 shades darker. It's perfection.

  5. FIVE COATS?! HALE NO. I hope you find this colour in a nice 2-3 coat formula, haha.

    I've started to notice that a lot of ads online are exactly what I've looked at in the past couple days. I definitely gone to the UD sale, but I also spent the last few days looking for shoes online, andthen I get ads that show me the exact shoes i was looking at, as if to say "You were waffling on these. If I show you them again, You might buy them, RIGHT?"

    blarrr, internet, you win this round!

  6. I have this color and I used a similar color in my post
    and I think that's just how Pixel is. I have a red that is a little better but then again I had a layer of white underneath the one time I've used it so far. I'll have to try the lighter ones with some white underneath, see what that does.

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