Thursday, September 01, 2011

OPI Suzi Takes the Wheel

Happy September!  I always hate it when I'm in school in August.  August still says summer to me, but it's really September that things get under way.  The leaves start to fall, the syllabi start to pile up, the reading starts to drive me crazy...

Anyway.  OPI Suzi Takes the Wheel.  Another polish from Touring America that I can't get enough of.  Super unique, super gorgeous.

Sometimes it looks like it has a tinge of green to it.

Sometimes it looks pretty grey.

I know that my photos don't really show of the sort-of-green aspect to this polish, but I promise you it's there.  I'm wearing this one right now and I haven't been able to stop looking at my hands since I removed A-Taupe the Space Needle (begrudgingly) and put this one on.  The formula was exquisite.  This one practically applied itself.  Two thin, easily applied coats was all I needed.  

I can't believe that some people are apathetic about this collection.  It seems like it has so many gems for me.  I own half of it, and I love every single one I picked out.  I mean, love.  For Short n Chic, Touring America is definitely a smash hit.

I tried to coax out some of the green in Suzi Takes the Wheel by holding my cell phone in these pictures.  It has a cute little case on it with green and blue geometric patterns.  I think it kind of worked. The sage qualities of the polish are a bit more evident here.  There's a great swatch of it right here from the blog Fashion Polish.  Great blog, by the way.  One of my newer favorites.

That's it.  Not much else to say.  Pretty ecstatic about my Touring America picks so far...and I have two more to try out!  


  1. Every time I think I don't need another OPI from this collection, you go and show one I must have! Stop it would you? you're costing me money!!!

  2. great polish!! it looks beautiful on you!!

  3. Looks like $OPI Caught with My Khakis Down. Don't have Suzi Takes the Wheel yet, so not sure how close.

  4. This looks awesome on you! It's on my to-buy list from this collection, as well -- and I have a pretty hefty list. Like you, I think this color agrees with my skin tone more because of the greenish tint, so I can pass on French Quarter for Your Thoughts. Can't wait to see what else you got from Touring America!

  5. OO! Can't get enough grey... I think $OPI Caught with My Khakis Down reads pretty green though. The next collection should have a color called Suzi Drains My Wallet.

  6. I am one of those apathetic about the Touring collection. Some of them are in the "almost black" category-and I have tons of those. The shimmery pinkish ones fill me with horror(my aunts wore stuff like that so there are a lot of old lady connotations) and the unusual grey/green/baby poo give me a bad case of lobster hands.

    I am glad you like it and the shades look very nice on you, just thought I would give a reason for the apathy.

  7. Yes! I really love this collection (despite not owning any from it, yet), and I think I love it so much because most of the colors remind me of American Apparel colors.


  8. Never knew there was ANY green to this one at all. Thanks for telling us. And yes, you did catch the green when you put it next to your cell cover. It was not one of the shades I got however as I thought there were just 2 grays in this collection and I had them both in dups. They needed in the pub. on this to hype the green in this gray...other wise everyone was saying what's with this Wheel gray and NOLA - they both are really close and both gray!

  9. Can't wait to see the other two you got! I know I'll like them =)

  10. I just want to say that I love OPIs press releases. They always try to do a bit extra and I really appreciate that. I like when companies realise how much these things matters.


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