Tuesday, October 18, 2011

OPI Congeniality is My Middle Name

It's kind of a dreary day here in Cleveland, even though it wasn't supposed to be.  I usually have my Tuesday class outside at a coffee shop, but sadly I don't think that'll happen today.  But...at least I can bring the sparkle with my nails.

With flash.

And a shot of the bottle.

Congeniality is My Middle Name came out this past summer with the limited edition OPI Miss Universe collection.  This is one of two shimmers included in the collection, and I have to tip my hat to OPI on this one.  I usually never wear pink, especially a pink that leans so close to purple.  But this one is nice. A deep pink with a purple base, I'm sure this polish really sings in the sun.  Unfortunately I have none of that today, so we'll just have to make do with the flash.  Which didn't turn out poorly, so I think we're good.

The formula on this one gave me just a little bit of trouble.  It was thinner than OPIs normally are, so it was a little difficult to control, but nothing you can't handle.  I used two coats and it brought the polish to full opacity.  The microshimmer in this is what makes it special.  It's not just your run-of-the mill berry; it's packed with tiny, twinkling purple and pink microglitter that sparkles when in bright light.  

I think this is more of an autumn color than a summer one.  For me at least.  Berry shades always make me think autumn or winter.  Regardless, if you're a fan of berries or pinks, I wouldn't hesitate about picking this one up.  You won't be disappointed.  Plus, as I mentioned, I think it's a good transition color from summer into fall for those of us who aren't ready to go full-on gray and vampy yet.

Opinions on Congeniality is My Middle Name?  Does it make anyone else think of Sandra Bullock?  Any pink fans that absolutely adore this one? 

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  1. Well I'm not a pink fan-or needing a transitional color since I always wear dark vampy colors. So i guess i'm no help to you at all eh? I do like that you have a class outside at a coffeeshop-thats a cool idea! Yes I am rambling because I don't like this polish-but love your blog and always leave something here in this box!

  2. I like how it looks on you but somehow still haven't gotten around to actually buying it..

  3. I have and love this color. However I am a huge fuchsia and magenta hue fan for polish. This shade reminds me a lot of both the One That Got Away as well as an older OPI from 2008 Toyland collection called Don't Toy With Me. If you have any of those shades and are not picky about dead on hues in this range, I would think either of the other 2 would cover. However, since the Miss Universe collection is easy to get still now, it would be cheaper to get this one over the other 2 that are getting harder to find now. I personally love all 3!

  4. I've seen this so many times & picked it up only to put it back down 5 minutes later every time I see it, but now I want it again!

  5. I have been stalking this color... for some reason it isn't in any of my local stores. I love the jelly look of it. I hope they send you many more to review!

  6. Yeah, this one is pretty but kind of not for me. However, I did end up trying it on my toes and I love it there.

  7. Beautiful color! So real so like stong! I would like to use this color.

  8. I'm wearing this color for the first time now! You have more sparkles than me though for some reason ... Thanks for sharing!


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