Thursday, October 20, 2011

OPI It's MY Year

Hazy and gray in Cleveland again.

Here's OPI It's MY Year without and with flash, respectively.  This is a really nice polish.  It's MY Year consists of gold and purple shimmer/foil-ish particles all suspended in a not-too-sheer jelly base.  This makes for a dazzling effect when brought to opacity and when in the sun.  The polish sparkles a grape color, lavender, and gold all at the same time depending which angle you're looking from.

The formula was good on this one, just a tad runny.  I used three coats because of the jelly base, but the dry time was really fast.  Also the glitter here is totally smooth even without topcoat, so that's a plus.  Personally, I don't have anything else like this polish, but when I saw it it reminded me immediately of Zoya Faye.  It also seems to be a more purple version of OPI Rally Pretty Pink.  I don't own either of those so I can't do a comparison, but I'm sure there's one out there.  I'm glad I have this one, though.  It kind of reminds me of a summer sunset.  

Speaking of summer, starting to miss it now.  I love fall, but it has been raining like crazy in Cleveland for the past couple days.  To keep my morale up, I wore my sweater with fancy kitties on it the other day.

The self-timer surprised me a bit, which is why I don't look at all photogenic here, but you get the idea. And if you don't, here's a close-up.

See?  Kitties.  Fancy kitties, because they're wearing bow ties.  Aristocats, if you will.  Har har.

Okay, time for me to be off to work.  Opinions on It's MY Year?  Man, the capitalized pronoun in the name of that polish is kind of annoying, huh?

[This product sent for review.  Questions?  See my disclosure policy.]


  1. You're rocking both the polish and the outfit! I'm allergic to everything that isn't cotton, so I'm going to have to live vicariously through you & your sweater. :)

  2. Love the polish but not as much as I love that jumper! (We say jumper in Ireland as opposed to sweater, but you probably knew what I meant)

  3. This shade is magical and your sweater is so gorgeous that I seriously need something similar

  4. I do have all 3 of those shades and yes, they are all very similar. This one has the most lavender that comes out and less of the gold that hits you in the face on the other 2. Of the 3, this one is my fav. Also along the same line but sans the lavender rather subed with bronze is the Fonzie shade in the OPI Muppets - it's very reminiscent of all 3 of these mentioned.

  5. So happy you're getting products sent to you for review =) I really love this polish. I almost bought it and then I remembered I'm unemployed so I didn't. lol. <3

  6. Love this polish. I may have to go out and make it MY year! Great photos!

  7. Love the polish and love the kitties too!:)
    I always love to see how the polish work in short nails... And you nail it :p

  8. The sweater is from H&M and was $24.95, for anyone who wants to run out and buy one :)


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