Tuesday, October 25, 2011

OPI Swimsuit...Nailed It! and Crown Me Already!

There are entirely too many exclamation points in the names of these OPI Miss Universe polishes.  But other than that, I don't have any issues with them.  Because, my friends, in this tiny collection OPI produced a blue that I actually enjoy wearing.  Exhibit A:

This is Swimsuit...Nailed It! and it can only be accurately described as a cerulean blue shimmer bomb.  Really, this polish just sings in the sun.  It's sparkly enough, though, that it continues to sing quietly in the shade.  Besides the color, which is just...out-of-this-world gorgeous, it was really the formula that totally blew me away.  This polish is so pigmented that I nearly got away with one coat (I did two just to be safe).  Swimsuit... is just brilliant.  If you like blues like this, I can't recommend enough that you run out and buy this if you can still find it (or order it!).  

Something else of note:  when my boyfriend saw this polish he immediately commented on it positively.  This is abnormal; he's so used to my frequent polish changes (and probably my frequent dark color-usage) that he just never says anything about it anymore.  But apparently Swimsuit...was special enough to catch his eye.  Indoors, too.

But wait; there's more.  Since my nails were already sparkly thanks to Swimsuit... I decided to take the bling up a notch and add Crown Me Already!, a silver glitter polish.  

I only wanted to commit to scrubbing glitter off of two of my nails, so I just added two coats of Crown Me to the ring nails on each hand.  What a good color combination, right?  Unfortunately my pictures couldn't really capture the beauty of Crown Me, but I'll describe it for you anyway.  It's a glitter polish suspended in a clear base, but there are two types of glitter:  regular, grainy glitter, and hexagonal glitter.  The combination of the two is sure to make your nails shine like little disco balls.  The hex pieces tend to have a mirror effect that brilliantly reflects light, so it was hard to get a photo of this in the sun.  My camera freaked out.

Here's the bottle, just so you can see the two different types of glitter.

Weirdly, this color combination immediately conjured up very specific imagery for me.

On season 4 of Project Runway (RIP Bravo! Project Runway, by the way) Jillian Lewis made this little get-up for the WWE wrestling challenge.  I'm pretty sure the chick she dressed was going for a "girl next door" aesthetic.  While I don't exactly see that reflected in the costume, it's pretty cute nonetheless.  Maybe the knee-high socks are supposed to say "I'm all-American" or something.  Who knows.  But ANYWAY, the cerulean of Swimsuit...and the light silver of Crown Me immediately called to mind Project Runway for me.  Isn't it weird how something like that will just pop into your head?  

That's all for today.  Any thoughts on either of these polishes?  Any blue lovers out there die over Swimsuit...?  This is one sparkly blue I'm glad I got on my hands.

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  1. such a pretty blue, I didn't pick this one since I had the Orly Stone Cold.. but this one is stunning!

  2. I have this blue and I agree-it is stunning!! I just love it!!! And if the BF noticed-that's really something!

  3. That is a beautiful blue! Love it!

  4. Oh man. Lovely on you!! My friend kindly offered to pick up this polish for me last month and I took her up on it -- now we need to meet up so I can get it! :)

  5. Thanks ladies. I agree. This one is a keeper.

  6. I have picked up Swimsuit a # of times - held it in my hand or basket and ended up always putting it back thinking it might be too in your face bright other than summer. But fact is, I still am thinking of the shade - means it's not going away - good sign it does need to come home with me. Wonder if there will be sales on it anywhere since I do see a lot of that collection still left at places I have been. I got the It's My Year and Miss Congeniality in this collection but not the other 2.

  7. Awesome color, and more beautiful is the lady in the picture.


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