Monday, October 03, 2011

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Creepy Pumpkin

October.  It's October.  September through December is my favorite time of year, and I consider "the holidays" to begin with Halloween.  Halloween is my favorite day of the year.  It's the best time of year, too.  The leaves fall, there's apple cider, I get to wear scarves and tights, and Halloween-themed nail polish comes out.  These pictures are terrible, though.  The manicure was a rush-job and the light was awful.

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Creepy Pumpkin.  First of all, love the name.  This is the first polish in quite a while that I have bought for only the name.  I'm not a huge fan of orange, but I had to have this one.  As you can see, it's pretty sheer.  This was three coats and I still had significant-and-unable-to-be-ignored VNL.  I was too lazy to do a fourth, though.  This polish wore really well, so for $1.99 it's hard to be disappointed.  I think I had it on for four or five days before I saw any signs of wear, so that's good.  There really isn't much to say about it.  It's a jelly.  It has glass-fleck glitter.  It's really pretty.  Scrangie has a good swatch of this one.

I really wish I could blog more.  I'm six weeks into this semester, and I can say without reservation that it's the hardest one I've ever gone through.  And last year was tough.  And I went to a really rigorous school for my undergrad.  I don't have time to do anything for myself.  I'm always running, running, running.  Read, library, write, library, read, grade papers, teach kids, grade more papers, write lesson plans, read, read, read.  My stress level is the highest it's been...ever, I think.  And I miss my boyfriend. He's going to school full-time too, and working full-time, so it's hard to mesh our schedules.  I'm so proud of him, though.  But seeing him is always a stress-reliever for me.  He makes me laugh, and that's the best thing about him.  And he's the best cuddler.  Ah man, now I'm getting sad writing this.  I think I'll call him now...

Yeah, so I'm going to run off and do that.  And once again I'm making the promise that this will not be my only post this week.  We're supposed to get sun in Cleveland soon too, so my pictures should suck less next time.  Anyone else scoop up Creepy Pumpkin?  I'm sure it would look a thousand times better in sunlight and with four or even five coats, but my patience just doesn't accommodate that these days.


  1. It makes me tired just to read how much you have going on in your life! I agree that this time of year is the most awesome! I'm jealous that you have a boyfriend!! I sadly do not!

  2. I found Creepy Pumpkin at Walgreen's this weekend. I would have put it on right away, but I had a job interview today, and I don't think it would have hit quite the right professional note. Good luck with everything you have to do.

  3. I grabbed this one too ... I think I might layer it over something so I don't need a jillion coats.

    I bought some apple cider yesterday! That was sadly exciting to me.

    Hope all your hard work this semester will pay off! Just make sure to take some time for yourself and you'll be fine. :)

  4. I snagged this one as soon as I saw it! I haven't worn it yet though..but I will soon!

  5. oh my, you poor thing. Hope things get to slow down for you at least a bit. Love this color on you, but I would look sick with it.

  6. Oh Stephanie, it's totally cool with me if you go a while between posts! I myself have been in a similar situation: school/schoolwork/work/relationship/responsibilities to life. I called them the Days When You Don't Have Time to Sh*t, Shower, and Shave. Just remember that in the few months that seem like years now, when the everything has settled, you will look back and say, "Man, remember that time I was all wildwoman-pulling-my-hair-out-frazzled-and-stressed?! I feel much better."

  7. You know what, when I saw those bright orange nails I wanted to eat them because they look so beautiful, I've heard that when a woman has a beautiful nails the woman is also pretty.


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