Wednesday, November 02, 2011

OPI Better!

Geez, OPI is really into exclamation points in naming their polishes.  Superfluous punctuation annoys me, but I guess that's nit-picky, huh?  Anyway, happy November :)  My good mood of last week has plummeted, but that hasn't stopped me from being pretty joyful about the OPI Muppets collection.  I wasn't sure which one to wear first, but in the end I chose one of the two that I was most excited about from the collection.

OPI Better! isn't your typical silver foil.  It has little copper flakes interspersed.  This makes for a stunning and unique finish if you look closely enough.  The sparkle on this polish is out of control.  If you love silvers or foils but are looking for something a little different and off-beat, then I suggest you snatch this polish up.

The application was good, if a little runny.  On the first coat I was really surprised at how sheer the polish was, but it built up to this opacity after only two coats.  And it dried lightning fast.  The nice thing about this polish is that you get all the pizzazz of glitter without any of the grittiness.  This is a big deal for me, because I can't stand that bumpy glitter feeling.  But I really, really love this little guy.  OPI has been pretty successful lately at making polishes that seem to be unique but are also total collection staples all at the same time.  I'm delighted.

Here's my hair after it had been freshly cut, by the way.

Much shorter than I'm used to having it, but it looks nice and less...heavy.  I'm sure I'll get used to it.  Also, I went to a Halloween party on Saturday sort of unexpectedly and I had no costume.  I was wearing what I had worn to work that day (this):

When people asked what I was I told them art deco.  No one laughed.  This is what happens when I hang around with people other than art nerds.  My boyfriend managed to wear like three different costumes over the weekend, which made me feel even lazier.

Anyway, that's all for updates.  Opinions on Better!?  Is it on anyone's list to pick up?  If not, it should be ;)

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  1. Love that polish - and art deco is a genius costume!

  2. I am not a fan of this polish and am sorry you lost your good mood! Your hair is still super long- how much actually got cut off? It looks really nice. I don't dress up for Halloween and am not apologizing for it!

  3. Gorgeous color. One of the 3 colors I actually want from the muppets collection :)

  4. It kinds looks like a more amped up version of 'Your Royal Shine-ness' with more gold peeking through...I like it!! Very fab.

  5. I agree - this is a really pretty shade. I almost passed it over not looking deep into it. The store clerk when I stopped at a city on my way home from a long drive for pre op 500 mils away from home. The shop keeper really wanted me to try this shade showing me how pretty it looked on a piece of Scotch tape - then when it dried - put various glitters over it.

  6. I may have to take a second look at this collection. Grittiness is not for me either. I love the hair.

  7. Fingers, I have no idea how much I actually got cut off. Before my haircut it went down to my waist. Now it's just below my armpits. So...a lot. Just not used it yet.


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