Thursday, December 15, 2011

Can I Ask You A Favor?

I don't often do a lot of personal plugging on here for things, but this is something that's important to some of my friends so I thought I'd ask...

My boyfriend's best pal (also my pal; hi Alex!) has a really awesome metal band, DEADIRON, and they are in a contest.  If they get the most votes, then they'll win all kinds of cool stuff and get important opportunities to tour, which would be really amazing for them.  If you want to listen to some of their music, give a click here to go to their official website.  What's not to like?  They're cute boys playing pretty awesome music.  SO if you could do me a tiny favor and cast a vote for them, we'd all be grateful.  

First, click THIS LINK.

And then click "DEADIRON" (Cleveland, OH)

And then click "submit vote"

I'm pretty sure they were in first place after the first round of voting (!), so every little bit helps!  And you can actually vote once every day until voting ends.  

Hi.  Sometimes I wear t-shirts.  Well, almost never.  But this one is special ;)  (lipstick is Maybelline Southwest Sizzle, which was a limited edition a couple summers ago, in case anyone's intrigued; and no, I'm not sleeping lately)

If you have a spare minute for the next couple days then I'd appreciate it!

Thanks for reading if you did, and I'll be back with another polish (from a new-to-me brand!) in a couple days.


  1. Voted! Keep us posted on the results! :-)

  2. Voted! And that shirt looks cute on you! Also read an article in Grazia yesterday that featured all kinds of clothing with deers and such on them and immediately though of you <3.

  3. I gave my vote and I hope they win ;)


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