Friday, December 23, 2011

China Glaze Peace on Earth and Happy Holidays

I can't believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  I feel like yesterday was August.  I wasn't really paying the holidays any attention, and then all of a sudden on Monday night I took a trip to a small town and the whole thing was decorated for Christmas.  It was kind of surreal, actually.  It was like Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls come to life.  And then I sort of started to feel some holiday spirit.  So here's what will be on my nails for the weekend.

I got topcoat all over my cuticles because I was wrapping my tips, so that's why this looks ridiculous and not great.  But nonetheless, here's China Glaze Peace on Earth with China Glaze Party Hearty over it.  A throwback to China Glaze holiday 2010, but I loved the collection and I love a good olive green, so why not?  This was ONE COAT of Peace on Earth topped with one coat of Party Hearty.  Good formulas all around, as is the way with China Glaze.  If you want to see Peace on Earth by itself, I wore it here, while my mom was in the hospital last November.  I remember so well putting it on and staring at it while I was in the hospital room.  It was something pretty to distract me.  Anyway, I digress.

I'm not religious at all so Christmas doesn't really carry that connotation with it for me.  To me, Christmas is a time when everyone is a little nicer, things smell like cinnamon, Starbucks brings out its holiday cups, and the snow is still a novelty.  Kids are excited, there are trees inside, and everyone eats good food.  So really, even if I'm not religious, what's not to like about it?  

From the bottom of my little heart, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or the solstice, I hope that you have a wonderful weekend full of relaxation, family, friends, and, let's face it, pie.

Happy holidays, everyone.



  1. I always love your posts. Happy holidays! And that base color is gorgeous. PS I love Gilmore Girls. Favorite show ever.

  2. I like the polish combination-festive without being over the top. Happy holidays!

  3. Oh how I wish Gilmore girls was still on tv! I loved that show! I love how you relate the holidays to Starbucks coffee! Happy holidays back to you too!


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