Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Nail Girls Green #4

A few weeks ago I came home to find a package on my doorstep from the UK.  Baffled, I tore it open once I got upstairs to my place to find a sample from Nail Girls.  I was so frazzled at the time that I hardly remembered that I had been offered a polish to review.  I stowed it away for when I'd have time.  And friends, that time is now.

I had been wearing this one for a couple days when I took the photos, so that's why it looks beat up.  Green #4 is a deep, dark vampy teal.  At first I thought it was sort of an evergreen color, but it turns out that it has a few drops of blue in it.  But good lord is it gorgeous.  And the pigmentation is insanely amazing.  I only needed one coat (but I did two anyway).  It also dried really quickly.  The formula was a little thick, but nothing that wasn't workable.

Nail Girls is a company based in the United Kingdom.  Their products, created by two sisters, are inspired by the fashion trends. These polishes are 4 free and go for £10.50 at  Check 'em out.

By the way, SCHOOL IS OVER.  This semester was the WORST EVER and I'm so glad to have a little respite.  I still have to work on some things for the symposium I'm co-chairing and do more applications, but I feel like I finally can breathe.  And do things like this.

My friend got a Happy Meal at McDonald's and there was a punch-out "milk mustache" on the side of the box.  I colored it black.

Had to blow on it to make sure it was dry before I stuck it to my face.

All of a sudden I was a lot more pensive.  Mustaches do that.

It's a good look for me, right?

And that's how I started my winter break.  A mustache, ice cream and buying A Picture of Dorian Gray, because for some reason that's all I've wanted to read for the past three months.

Also, remember that giveaway I had like...two months ago?  The Miss Universe one?  I'm the worst blog-runner ever and I haven't sent the winner her prize yet.  But I'm doing that this week, now that I'm done with school.  And there is another giveaway coming up (from which the winner will receive her prize much more promptly) so stay tuned.

That's all for now.  There will be one more post before Christmas, I believe, so I'll talk to you guys soon!  Until then, what does everybody think about this Nail Girls polish?  I can't recommend it enough; you should check out the site if you have a chance!


  1. I'm loving all the dark greens out there, this one looks fun

  2. Thats a gorgeous colour! It looks so pretty on you :-) (And I may have to steal that moustache of yours ha ) x

  3. Why name a teal blue green? It puzzles me! Anywho-it is a stunning color-I really love it. Am glad you finally have a break from your stress-and the pensive mustache look is SO you!

  4. Well this is awkward lol, but I feel it must be said. I have the BIGGEST (platonic) girl crush on you, and that pensive mustache look just sealed the deal. I just really like your style - from fashion to nail polish to your sense of humor and lots of other things, I think you rock. :-)

  5. That polish is awesome. So is the mustache. That's all I have to say on the matter.


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