Monday, December 26, 2011

OPI Animalistic

This is actually one of the polishes from the Muppets I was most excited about.  You know how I feel about red.

And this is a good red.  Clearly this was before I got fed up with the length of my nails.  I was really messy with application, so sorry about that.  I was watching Dexter while I did this and kept getting distracted by blood and Michael C. Hall.  Rawr (ohmygod I couldn't believe the season 6 finale).  ANYWAY.  This is a shimmery, semi-color shifting coral-red.  Great description, huh?  At some angles it looks more orange or pink than others, but I'm not prepared to call it a full-on duochrome.  This was three coats.  It has the same finish as Warm and Fozzie and Designer...DeBetter!--shimmery, foil-ish particles that all combine for a really sparkly finish.  I really like this red.  I think this might be my favorite polish of the collection so far, but I still have a couple left to wear.

In other news, my friends DEADIRON came in SECOND after the second round of voting.  This is super amazing and we're all REALLY EXCITED, so if you have a minute, could you vote for them again?  We're in the third round this time and the procedure is the same:


Click "submit" (at bottom of link page)

If you could help out that would be really nice.  These are great guys and they deserve great things.  And again, if you want to check out their music, here's their official website.  As I mentioned before, cute boys, good music, what's not to like?  Appropriate polish for today, too, because as I recall Animal is a drummer.  No?  Okay, maybe that connection is a stretch, but vote for them anyway (until December 31!)  ;)

Thanks guys!


  1. This looks amazeballs on you! Given your love for all things coral, I was wondering when you were going to get around to this polish. :) I'm gonna try to catch up on "Dexter" this week and see if all the crazy pays off!

  2. Yaaaaay I love this color. And it looks awesome on you! :)

  3. Squueee ^^ This polish is just tooo pretty on you :)

  4. I am actually really loving this red-I can see why it makes you so giddy! YAY DeadIron!!!

  5. That's such a pretty color red- so classic :)

  6. I know how you feel about red and I'm exactly the same and this polish is a stunner


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