Monday, December 05, 2011

OPI Warm and Fozzie

Back in early summer my friend and I were looking at the promo shots for the Muppets collection.  As soon as she saw the color of Warm and Fozzie she told me she wanted it.  Then when I was sent the collection for review she asked me for it right away.  She has worn and loved it several times in the past couple weeks, so I figured I would show it to you guys (even though you've seen it before) before I lose my bottle to her forever (just kidding, Sam.  I'll get you your own).  For some reason I just couldn't really capture the color of this one even though I had great sunlight.  See for yourself:

And a crappy macro.

This polish is a chameleon and really is unique.  I can't think of anything else close to this; not that I own, anyway.  It's a bronze foil-ish base, but it sparkles red, green, pink and gold.  It looks in the bottle like it may be a duochrome, but it's really not.  Sometimes it has a sort of pink cast, but not duochrome quality.  Still, this one is a stunner.  I used two coats and I was good to go.  The formula was great and it dried really fast.  Like everyone else who seems to have reviewed this, I can't recommend it enough.  Plus the name is adorable.  Makes me feel like cuddling my teddy bear (yes, I still have one) while I snuggle under a blanket.  Mmm, I love wintertime.

So.  I didn't post much last week because it was possibly the worst week I've ever had.  I don't want to elaborate and bore you, but for some reason I just totally hit my breaking point.  I've had a really difficult semester.  An internship, two seminars, French (until recently), co-chairing a symposium, applying for doctoral programs, teaching...and I was handling it all pretty well.  And then a few things happened that upset me and I crashed and burned.  I was trying really hard this semester to sort of take everything in stride and not be so freaked out and stressed all the time.  I tried to spend time with my boyfriend, not take everything so seriously, keep things in perspective.  I tried not to complain and be angsty so much on here.  Well, it worked for a good solid thirteen weeks.  But no more, friends.  No more.  Actually, I think I've hit a weird point of numbness.  I plowed through the weekend, working as much as I could, writing as much as I could.  I decided that when the semester ends (December 19th) I am going to my parents' lake house.  I'm taking nothing but giant sweaters, tights, comfy pajamas, and a book (well, probably my computer; who are we kidding).  I am going to not do anything but sleep.  And watch tv (I don't have one).  And fall asleep while watching tv.  And read sometimes.  But mostly sleep.

The countdown is on.  December 19th.  I have to finish two papers about two paintings.  And I can do it.  I think.

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  1. If you ever need someone to vent to-feel free to email me! I'm a good listener and a good sounding board!!! I like your new profile pic! And I am so sorry to hear you are having such a hard time. I feel for you and I don't mind you ranting here- as for the Muppets -too glittery for me!

  2. We all need a break sometimes. I seriously don't know how you do it. Hope you get the rest you need.
    That is one beautiful color!

  3. I absolutely know how you feel. My last post briefly discussed the whole meltdown thing, and I feel like I'm still feeling the fallout. It's tough to keep it together through school all the time.

  4. You'll make it through. We all hit points in our life that suck beyond belief, but you'll make it through.

  5. Be as angsty on here as you damn well please - it's YOUR blog after all!! I'm also a grad student in the arts, and I know too well how stressful and panicky it gets, especially towards the end of term (though now that I've hit 30, I'm pretty sure what was once angsty behavior is now just curmudgeonly!), without having additional stressful factors in your life. Hang in there. Go hug that teddy bear (I think we all have them still, or should), and admire the sparkly nails. Tell the papers to flip off for a few hours.

  6. This is probably the only polish from Muppets that i HAVE to have. Love it!

  7. I love this color. I can't wait to get my own!! I'm sorry things are so rough but you'll get through it, and then I hope you enjoy your much needed break which sounds amazing.

  8. I hope that the day comes fast and you get the rest which you deserve


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