Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nubar Wildlife

I pulled Wildlife out of my stash because it's another polish that I remember being super excited about getting, using once, and then never using again.  Sound familiar?

I misplaced the bottle when it came time to photograph this, so I'm holding my Sally Hansen basecoat, lest there be any confusion.  Anyway, Wildlife is a true duochrome that flashes between copper and green, depending on how the light is hitting it.  As duochromes go it's pretty great and very unique.  I like Nubar.  I don't have many polishes from this brand, but the ones I have don't disappoint.  Wildlife has a great formula that's easy to control.  Two coats to opacity.  This polish reminds me of autumn.

I've been spending the past few days doing notes for my comprehensive exam, which is coming up in March (from here on out referred to as comps).  It's a scary test that could possibly determine the future of my education, so I'm part of a study group.  I put off doing my notes until this, the last week of break, and I'm regretting it.  I've been typing non-stop all day and my hands hurt :(  

But at least my nails look good, don't they?  ;)


  1. Wildlife is a great polish! Looks good on you.

    Good luck with your exam!!

  2. Lovely polish! I've been meaning to give Nubar a try. I picked up a few minis at a random spa, but I haven't cracked one open yet. Good luck with comps and don't stress! They're scary, but, at least with mine, all it took was time. If you devote the study time, you'll be fine!

  3. love this, I've been thinking about ordering it for the longest time, but never did.. that might have to change soon!

  4. This is really pretty-i like it!

  5. LOVE this shade and even bought a back up since Nubar tends to run out of some of their classic duochromes and then they are never more - have only to look at Peacock Feathers - it recently went for $80 on eBay - that is when it even shows up.

    1. Whoa. $80. No nail polish is worth that to me. Well, PROBABLY.


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