Monday, January 23, 2012

Revlon Starry Pink

First thing's first:  the winner of the Muppets Giveaway was a reader called Pam R.  Her win has been confirmed via e-mail, so congratulations to her!

Revlon Starry Pink is not a polish that I meant to fall in love with.  I found it at Target about a month ago, and for some reason I threw it into my cart (it was a post-end-of-semester-freak-out-calm-yourself-down Target sort of trip, and I was feeling like I needed something pretty; I remember that day well).  I wore it once as soon as I got it but didn't take photos.  So now I'm wearing it again.

Starry Pink is a milky/sheer pink base full of hexagonal and regular small silver glitter.  The first coat goes on pretty sheer, but the color eventually builds to what you see in the photos after three coats.  It dries fast, too.  I did two coats of topcoat to amp up the shine and make sure that the glitter would lie smoothly against my nails.  

I can't really put my finger on why I love this one so much.  I think it's because the pink looks a little...dirty?  Kind of grayed out.  Which, to me, makes this polish look kind of edgy even though it's...*shudder*...a glittery pink.  Also I like how this looks with my pale skin.  This is definitely a polish I'll be keeping around and reaching for all winter.

I had a pretty good weekend.  Like I mentioned on Friday, I went to the last opening at the Carnegie Avenue location at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland.  It was pretty great.  Those things are always great people-watching.  Plus there was a performance piece going on throughout the whole event which involved hobo-looking actors walking around wearing sandwich boards and yelling things like THE END IS NIGH.  See?

Is there anything better on a snowy Friday night?  I don't think so.  You can see the snow on the poor guy's coat here.  It started coming down in earnest around 9 and continued well into the night.

Saturday night my boyfriend and I went to our friend's opening.  He's a painter.  It was nice to see him having his paintings on display somewhere.  Apparently he was also mentioned in the newspaper, but I didn't see it.  A pretty big deal for him, though.  

I'm also really into this right now:

I just started the second season.  I never knew a PBS series could be so enthralling.  And that Maggie Smith was so feisty.  

Okay, that's it for today.  Any other people obsessed with Downton Abbey, milky pink polishes or weird contemporary art?


  1. this is the only pink in my stash that I wear willingly haha. it's gorgeous! and I've been wanting to see Downton Abbey, I need to start it soon

  2. I just started watching Downton Abbey on Netflix and I am obsessed!

  3. This polish just works really well on you! Also, you need to look at Patton Oswalt's "Downton" tweets. AMAZEBALLS.

  4. I actually used to love to just go sit in a mall drink a beer and people watch. Me and an old BF at the time did that for date night-cheap thrill and a fun way to spend the evening! Oh how I miss those days!

  5. I am also a fan of this Revlon shade. i don't have anything like it in my way too big of stash. I ditto you on Downton Abby. Often 2nd seasons disappoint - not this one.

  6. Starry Pink is one of my fav. polishes. It's just so unique. I wore it for my first ever blog post a few weeks ago! :)

  7. I bought Starry Pink a few months ago; I happened into a CVS just as an employee was putting out the display. I haven't worn it yet, but it's really pretty.

    And I just spent Saturday watching the first four episodes of the first season of Downton Abbey with a friend. Now I'm going to be dreaming of the gorgeous costumes all week till we get together to watch the rest of the episodes.

  8. Starry pink has been renamed "popular" at walmart as well if anyone has trouble finding it. I love the 'dirty' pink aspect as well. ^_^

  9. Starry Pink looks so nice! Neutral and subtly sparkly. I haven't worn mine yet, I have too many polishes that I haven't gotten to. Also, I love Downton Abbey! It's so good, and I was so bummed that the weather messed with my antenna, so I couldn't watch it on Sunday. Must watch it soon...

  10. Hi Stephanie! I've been reading your blog for a while now, but I believe this is the first time I've commented. I love Starry Pink. The dirty-ness of it makes it unique and so interesting.

  11. Thanks Cassy! I'm glad you decided to comment :)

  12. Some of my classmates watch that show, and so does one of my favorite cartoonists! Must be good stuff.

  13. First: I LOVE the pink polish, and that is not my norm either. There IS something kind of edgy and different about it. It kind of reminded me of Margot from Royal Tenenbaums, for whatever reason too. Dark in its own way, even though it is pale.

    Anyway, I'm also hooked on Downton Abbey. I found out about it last year, but after it had already aired on PBS. Luckily, Netflix had the entire first season, which I watched...several times. I went to college to study history, in part, so I like seeing a slice of life at that time and I just think the story is good and it keeps me coming back. Lady Mary is no Elisabeth Bennett, but I am completely rapt in whether she and Matthew will make amends and admit their feelings before something permanent happens to keep them apart.

    Love your blog and thanks for writing!
    Jamie B.


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