Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Sinful Colors Neptune

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The other day when I was at Walgreens I saw a Sinful Colors collection I had never heard of, which I believe was called Cast Away.  The first time I ran across it I bought two.  Then I couldn't get this other one, Neptune, out of my head.  So I went back for it.

I'm really glad I went back.  I'm not a huge fan of blue nail polish, but this one is amazing.  It's a gorgeous cornflower with glass fleck pearlescent shimmer.  When I was reading about this polish pretty much everybody said it had a great formula.  I am here to say that the formula on the bottle I got suuuuuuucks.  It was really thick and got thicker the longer I had the bottle open.  Nothing a couple drops of thinner won't fix, but it bears mentioning.  I did three coats here.  

My only problem with this polish is its name.  The collection has a Greek theme, with other polishes called things like Greek Isles, Athens and Zeus.  So for the sake of continuity, this polish should not be called Neptune, but Poseidon.  Neptune is the Roman name for the god of the sea, Poseidon is the Greek name.  Anyway, that's my only problem with it.  I don't think it's too nit-picky.  Come on, Sinful Colors.  Do a little research.

So, thoughts on this color?  Anyone pick this one up?


  1. I am so glad I am not the only person who is driven up the wall by the fact that this is called Neptune instead of Poseidon. Like, how did everyone at Sinful Colors make it through high school without ever reading Edith Hamilton's Mythology?????? THEY SHOULD KNOW BETTER.

  2. hahaha, the are right.
    I'm loving what sinful color is delivering lately

  3. I bet after all the graphics and marketing was done, someone MUST have mentioned the non Greek name for this shade. Sinful either rolled some heads or thought maybe this would make it like an rare goof like a wrongly stamped out coin! I like that it's cornflower which makes it different than others I have seen. But I know I won't be seeing this collection because we don't see any Sinful collections - just the 'classic' colors only. I was and am crushed that I would never get a Cinderella (unless I win your give away). So much for rural living and having a gets nothing in Rite Aide in town.

  4. This brand isn't available to me but it looks magical despite the name and thick consistence

  5. This one is so pretty! Even if the names are stupid, the colors are nice!


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