Friday, May 04, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Parchment

My blog posts have been on-the-go lately, and this one will be indicative of my lifestyle right now:  clutching a Starbucks iced coffee cup.  Actually, I have two Doubleshot Lights poured into this cup.  I find that two of them gives me a nice buzz for at least an hour, and when these pictures were taken I had just finished grading the exams for my class.  I was tired.

Sally Hansen Salon Parchment is (I think) part of the spring Alexander Wang collaboration (along with Oxblood and Petrol--I kind of wanted Oxblood just for the name, but it's just your basic vampy).  I got it specifically for layering with a glitter.  I thought it was a sheer milky jelly, but it isn't.  It's a sheer, definitely, but it has a slight pearl finish.  It wasn't what I wanted, but it's still kind of nice.  I got another sheer also (Wet n Wild Sugar Coat) to layer with glitter, so we'll see how that goes later.  I'm pretty into this look, though.  This is two coats Parchment, one coat OPI Rainbow Connection, and another coat Parchment.  My nails were described the other day as having been "birthday cake-d," so I'm pretty satisfied.  They remind me of a sugar cookie or something.  Sort of subtle but loud at the same time, and  that is ideal.

I'm feeling pretty good today, school-wise!  Things are pretty much done.  Which means I survived earning a Masters degree.  Graduation is May 20th, so all I have left to do is walk across that stage.  I feel like I clawed my way here, so I almost think I should celebrate in some way.  But I'm totally mentally exhausted and surviving on very little sleep, so I kind of just want to watch tv in my underwear (plus Cleveland is HOT right now; my apartment feels like the threshold to hell).  Here was me Wednesday:

Hadn't slept.  Hair was not behaving.  Slight bit of down time in the library.

Here I was yesterday, post-exam-grading:

Smugly self-satisfied, right?  Taken to commemorate my last real working day as an MA student.  But my hair is still frizzy.

I'll probably do a post to wrap up stuff about my degree and with any advice for those who think they might want to go on for an advanced degree in the humanities.  I am by no means an expert, but maybe I can help someone.  I have one more e-mail to send to my supervisor at the museum, and then I need a nap.

Oh, and then I also start my summer responsibilities.  No rest for the wicked.  But there are pigtails for the wicked, and that's what's important.

So, Parchment?  Thoughts?  Sheers and glitters?  Jelly sammies?  Please tell me things.


  1. They do look birthday-caked. Well done. :) Parchment looks good -- not too pearly, at least in the pictures. Love the sheer-glitter-sheer idea, but I always wince at the thought of the removal. Must. Man. Up.
    Congrats on the Masters!

  2. I didn't realize Parchment was sheer; I might have to give it another look.

    "Pigtails for the wicked"--hee! :)

  3. i thought about parchment and oxblood, but decided i probably didn't need them. though i think i'm reconsidering now that i see it's sheer! i love anything jelly-like haha. i heard about the crazy heat in cleveland, dang! i'd never survive that;] congrats on [almost] graduating!

  4. Congrats on getting finished with your Masters! I love the look of sheers with glitter. I really like the slight pearl finish, too. I actually just wore glitter under a sheer shimmer, and it was fantastic. I didn't want to take it off, but it was time. I will be excited to see Wet n Wild Sugar Coat!

  5. Congratulations on your Masters!!! And you look positively sublime in pigtails =)

  6. Adore your subtle-yet-loud birthday cake nails- I think Parchment works great as a base. Gorgeous! And a huge congrats on finishing your MA degree! I'm still stalling on finishing my thesis... all done the coursework, by my thesis is killing me. I'll let your success inspire me to (hopefully!) finish writing my thesis in a timely fashion!

  7. All you need is a ribbon on those babies and add a wire and you'd be pippy longstocking! HAHA! Am so glad you are finally done with your MA- try to at lest take some time and go get a massage or something just for you! And 2 shots only last you an hour? Damn girl!

  8. Love the nails! I gotta buy one! hahaha <3

  9. Cool polish! It looks so festive, and really like OPI Rainbow Connection. Congrats on your masters!


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