Friday, June 22, 2012

Sephora by OPI Alley Cat and XOX Betsey Dupe Status

Another Betsey Johnson polish for you today, especially of interest to me for its name.

This is $OPI Alley Cat, a blue-leaning berry pink.  It really strongly reminds me of OPI Ate Berries In the Canaries, released fall 2009 in Coleccion de Espana.  I don't have that one, so I can't do a comparison, but they look really similar.  This polish had a flawless formula, and I only needed two coats.  Also I totally thought this was a creme until I discovered some hidden shimmer.

SEE?  Right there on my middle finger?  You can even see it in the top of the bottle.  $OPI was sneaky with this one.

You may remember that I have a kitty named Alley.  Her full name is actually Alley Kat (yes, with a "k;" it's even on her vet records), so I love the name of this polish.

And here's the little monster.

Another reason I like this polish at the moment is because I'm really into wearing green right now, and I think a pink like this goes well.

Like this t-shirt dress that I got from H&M recently ($12.95).  First of all, ridiculously comfortable.  Second of all, I love the emerald color.  Especially with $OPI Alley Cat.  The jewel tones really complement each other.  Also, on my lips is the remains of Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Sweetheart, which is a bright pink.  I'm in love with that product.  Perhaps more on that later if you guys are interested.

And lastly, as if this post wasn't long enough already, I tried to figure out if OPI Steady As She Rose might be a dupe for $OPI XOX Betsey.

On the top stripe is Steady As She Rose, and on the bottom is XOX Betsey.  Not dupes.  SASR is definitely more purple.  But I would also say that the difference is negligible if you're not super into grungy nudes (I am).  So, the search continues.

Okay, that's all for today.  Thanks for stopping by, as always.


  1. Great idea for checking dupe status!! Much easier to see than on side-by-side fingers.

    As a lover of brights and glitters with the occasional "OMG!! I must have that nude (polish)" they are close enough. Glad you got your paws on both. :)

  2. Love the green/teal shirt and bright nail combo!

    Also, the XOX Betsy polish is still available at Sephora! I just bought it this week after seeing it here! They have it avail as a full size bottle as well as in a mini set!

  3. Your kitty is so cute! Love the nail, lip, dress combo-very chic!

  4. Agreed on the dupe checking status. Do this more often please!

  5. hi,nice mani.let's follow us.

  6. Hmm how about Essie barefoot and topless? It seems similar to the Betsey shade

  7. Thanks for dupe-checking! It's one of the most valuable parts of nail blogs for me since my stash has gotten to a size where, more than likely, I've got a reasonably close dupe to most things, and I hate when I accidentally buy a dupe!

    Also - I'm not a nail art person, but I could actually see myself wearing your "dupe check" nail as a mani. It's got a really pretty, subtle, kind of tone-on-tone thing going. I like it!

  8. I LOVE your dupe check!! What a freaking awesome idea; how has no one else done this yet?!?!


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