Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sinful Colors Rain Storm GIVEAWAY

You may remember this post where I showed you a new Sinful Colors polish, Rain Storm.  Well, after everyone seemed to love the color so much I made a trip up to Walgreens to buy another one.  And I found one.  So now I have one to give to you.  In case you don't remember, here's what this polish looks like.

Would you like to win this?  Well, you can.  All you have to do is:
  • Be a follower of this blog.  If you aren't, just click "join this site" in the righthand sidebar.
  • Comment on this post with: 
    • Your name
    • Your e-mail address
    • And, lastly, since while I'm reading these entries I like to read something fun, tell me the one polish you'd take with you if you were going on a trip and could only take one.  This will both be interesting and perhaps help me with my NYC packing, since I'm limiting myself to 10-12 bottles.
  • Tell someone!  Blog about it or tweet about it or whatever Twitter does, or tell your mom or your best friend.  But only one entry per person, though.  By this I mean there will be no extra entries if you provide evidence that you blogged about it.  But I'd love for you to let people know about this.
  • Enter by Friday, July 20th at 11:59pm
  • Also open to international readers
Usually I give you guys a couple weeks to enter, but I'm going to make this giveaway short and sweet. You've got until Friday.  Monday, July 23rd I will announce the winner.

That's it.  Good luck!


  1. Hi, awesome polish, I want!


    My number one traveling polish is OPI DS Design. A perfect neutral color that works with everything and still, when the light hits it - holographic bliss!

  2. Melissa W.

    Because I'm a minimalist packer, I'd take Essie Marshmallow. It's a neutral color that goes with everything, chips aren't as obvious, and a small bottle.

    If I was going crazy and packing two bottles, the second would be OPIs- Thrill of Brazil

  3. Really????
    When I saw this polish i loved it! So... wonderful idea! :)
    Name: Susana Sousa
    GFC Name: Lady de Verniz Amarelo
    E-mail: susanabsousa@gmail.com
    If i only could take one polish it would be JORDANA Hawaiian Flower. The color is great, the texture is amazing, it works everytime!
    This polish i say that its my savior: when i'm on a rush jordana's flower never let's me down!
    Good Luck choosing your polishes! :p

  4. Ashley M.

    If I could only take 1 polish...first of all, I would go crazy.

    But I'd probably end up bringing OPI DS Classic. Fairly neutral, but also holo!

  5. Gorgeous polish!
    Name: Stephanie
    GFC: stephpiperr.
    hmmm only one polish?! I would probably take a red creme or a pale blue oh oh oh DS Glow!

  6. Loooove it.
    Name: Kate
    Email: kate.barrington(at)gmail(.)com
    Hmmmm, for my only one polish, I would have to go with either Jessica Disco Diva, or RBL Teal. Both are funky and elegant, which I love... Just one, thought? Disco Diva, cause silver goes with everything, and holo makes life better.

  7. It's awesome!
    Name: Simona
    GFC: Simona LightYourNails
    E-mail: lightyournails AT gmail DOT com
    Polish: at the moment my #1 is Jade Vermelho Surreal, perfect for a summer trip and one I can't have enough of!
    Shared: https://twitter.com/LightYourNails/status/225284663453822976

  8. Name: Lexi
    Email: Lexi.polichena@yahoo.com
    One polish is tough... But I would have to say china glaze Argo :) it's my all time favorite and goes well with my skin tone!

  9. sienna.moore@gmail.com

    if i could only pack one polish it would be "mirror, mirror" by orly. a perfect light grey. thanks for giveaway! sienna

  10. Hey, I'm Mel, and my email is kit_kat_74(at)hotmail(dot)com.

    Only one polish hey? I'd have to go with Essie Geranium. Quick and easy application and it always looks great!

  11. Thanks for the giveaway! Suzanne - ranza6980@gmail.com
    I would have to go with SpaRitual - Sacred Ground :o)

  12. You're giveaways are always the best :)

    Vanessa (GFC name)

    The one polish I would take with me is Lincoln Park After Dark. Always has, and always will be my favourite! :)

  13. Thanks so much for this giveaway, it would be lovely to win my fist-ever Sinful Colors polish!

    I follow as triceratops, and my email is thankyouforthemusic191 at hotmail dot com.

    On a holiday, I would bring China Glaze Strawberry Fields. It's an easy two-coater, classic colour, and has a lovely golden shimmer to keep it interesting.

  14. Name: Jessica G.
    GFC: gafforama
    email: onceuponapolish@gmail.com

    My pick for one polish I could wear forever, stranded on a deserted island, would be aEngland Princess Sabra aka Tristam Eyes! In that case, just packing for a trip seems like a piece of cake! lol

  15. GFC: Ruth
    Email: ruth.gistelinck@hotmail.com

    I would bring OPI Ski Teal We Drop ;-)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. how lovely of you!

    msmorro (at) charter (dot) net. I follow you via email.

    Only one polish on vaca? Right now it would be Zoya Kimmy as I can rock my toes (fix a chipped one) and look HOT with tomato red-gold shimmer, kind of glass fleck on fingers too despite I don't usually have matching toes/fingers.

    Fall/winter it would be a different shade, but probably red of some kind.

  17. Stephanie


    I usually take Deborah Lippman's Waking Up in Vegas on trips, it was the first Lippman polish I splurged on and I love the color, the formula and the shade. I wear it all year round and I always get a lot of compliments

  18. Jan


    One polish, boy this is not easy. I would take OPI DS Classic. Not exciting but looks great for almost every occasion. Timeless. This is my go to polish for trips.

  19. Melissa


    I'm leaving on a trip tomorrow so I'm trying to figure out what "one polish" to bring too!! I just threw on OPI DS Classic to last the first half of the trip, but what I usually do on vacation (and what I'll do this time too!!) is take a package of Sally Hansen Salon Effects -- this time I'm taking Brattlesnake!

  20. Joanne


    I'd definitely bring my latest purchase, Dahling by Butter London. It's such a pretty, classic and girly (but a grown up girly) shade, and every girl should have one just like it!

  21. Thanks for the giveaway!

    grapeape1010 (at) msn (dot) com

    Ummm, if I had to only pack one polish, I think it would have to be China Glaze Haunting (The Haunting?)--it's a black polish w/shimmer or glitter. I guess it would go with most things I wear! (2nd choice: ChG For Audrey,definitely)

  22. This is a great colour, so glad you are doing a giveaway!


    The polish that I would take is the only one that I have purchased a replacement bottle for: OPI's I'm Not Really A Waitress. Such a great, classic colour!

  23. How nice of you!


    I would have to say OPI's Mod About You (but Did you 'ear about Van Gogh is a close second!) I just really love neutrals right now :)

  24. I love this color! Thank you so much for the giveaway!


    To take to a desert island, it would be Zoya Zuza. I love the teal-green color!

  25. Brianna

    Hmm, my go-to polish is Rimmel's Deliciously Dark (60 Seconds line). It was my gateway vampy, it made me realize my love for dark, almost black colors. And it would look good with pretty much anything.

  26. Em
    I loooove to use OPI Swimsuit... Nailed It! It is one of my all time favorite polishes!!

  27. Thanks for the give away..My favorite polish would be wet and wild, lol I know it is cheap..But they have so many cool colors..And the Eggplant frost and the sparkle on it or just alone is great for supper and winter..

  28. Morgan
    I would take Borghese Almondine with me, my favorite nude! That way I would be prepared for anything:)

  29. In my post I meant Summer not supper..ha ha..

  30. I have been loking for this polish with no luck yet, so thanks for the opportunity.


    If I was going on a trip and could only take one polish it would be China Glaze Recycle. Grey polish goes with everything in my closet and this is my favorite grey polish.

  31. Melody J

    I would take China Glaze Ruby Pumps. Red is classic and fun at the same time. This one sparkles so it's perfect for day or night.

  32. Sarah Vaughn

    I just sat in front of my helmer for like ten minutes trying to decide, and I came to the conclusion I would never take only one polish on a trip with me. If I really had to it would probably be either China Glaze Ahoy, Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet, or Color Club Puccilicious. But that's just for Summer. It would sort of depend on the time of year and the clothes I was taking. If you're reeeeally going to hold me to one, I guess I'll go with Ahoy, because it goes with more of my stuff than the other two.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  33. How sweet!


    Hmmmm... this is tough but I think, at the moment, I would have to bring China Glaze Peachy Keen; it's just so pretty!

    Love this gorgeous blue polish; Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  34. Nila Kussriani
    i always bring Revlon in Demure! love it so much~

  35. I love the colour!
    follower name: maRyya
    mar_yya[at] yahoo[dot] com
    the nail polish i'd choose is Illamasqua -Gamma because it's summer and I love orange.

  36. Marsha R
    mero924 @ gmail . com
    right now i'm kinda loving good ole Sinful Color Pink. it's so bright and fun for summer!


    So...I can't completely decide. I actually just came back from a trip where I took two OPI polishes though--OPI On Collins Ave and Shim-Merry Chic--since I couldn't decide between a normal summery bright color or something more gold/bronze-y for the obvious decadence of Vegas, lol. I probably didn't need Shim-Merry Chic though...so the classic bright orangey-red wins! Hopefully this helps ;)

    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    Emily W. - emily.s.wolf@gmail.com

  38. Beautiful color and thanks for the giveaway! If I could take one color, it would be OPI Bubble Bath. That color has never failed me! My gmail is cuteandmundane

    <3 Dovey

  39. Wow you're only taking 10-12 with you? I don't know how you'll do it! If I had only one to take with me it'd either be illamasqua phallic or something holo. Maybe you should bring whatever you can fit into a shoebox! GFC fingers jenhopsicker@msn.com

  40. Hi, I follow you via GFC as Kvacka and my email is kvacka87(AT)ymail(DOT)com. But I don't really know how to pick just one polish if I had too... It would have to be easy to apply, easy to remove (no glitters), longlasting as it could be, it has to go with everything I wear, but it still needs to be PRETTY! =) I think this would be my perfect polish. ;D But I don't have it, so I would probably pich China Glaze TTYL, it only needs two coat, no base and top coat, goes with everything and it is gorgeous! But it chips fast, but I could apply it more times. ;D
    Thank you for the giveaway! =))

  41. Annick
    Email: annickalicenoel (at) gmail (dot) com.
    I follow you through GFC as Annie!

    I think the polish I would take with me would be Deborah Lippmann's Naked. It's a classic and would look great with anything! Plus, it's not big deal if it chips because it's so pale! :)

  42. barbara

    Love that Rain Storm. Rushed up to my Walreens, but they had none.

    I don't know how I could pick only one color to take...but I suppose it would be Revlon Hazy or Sally Hansen Wet Cement. Not really summer colors, but the grey goes well with my travel wardrobe of this summer, which seems to be black/grey/white, with Lime and Turquoise for accents. I recently took 6 colors with me on a two week trip, and ended up only using 3, proving I can get by with less.

  43. Lovely Addison
    And if I could only take one??? Sheesh that's steep. lol I guess Julep Taylor. I lovvvvve the color. :)

  44. Hi! Love your blog. My email is europayang@gmail.com

    My color would be Essie's Smokin hot.

  45. That polish is gorgeous; thanks for the opportunity to win it!

    Name: Amber (GFC: whateveramber)
    Email: m2hnj25 at gmail dot com

    I've just spent 10 minutes looking through my polish drawers and have decided that my one polish would be OPI If You Pink So, which is a Summer 2012 Beauty Brands exclusive. I can't get enough of the bright pink with pink and blue shimmer.

    I told my sister about this giveaway, hopefully she'll follow and enter!

  46. Name: Christina
    Email: hoshimirumi@gmail.com

    My one polish would be OPI Samoan Sand. As much as I love my brights and my glitters, a classic nude polish will always pull together any ensemble. (I also travel a lot to Asia, and I am pretty young so I tend to get judged a bit if I wear very eye-catching, bold colors.)

  47. Name: Melissa
    GFC: PassionForPolish
    Email: passionforpolish22@gmail.com

    Oooh such a difficult question!! I would probably take China Glaze Dorothy Who :)

  48. Stephanie Hancock
    Following via email

    Just one?? Hmmm...maybe the new ChG one I'm Not Lion. Maybe a holo, though, like OPI DS Vintage; it's one of my all-time favorites. OR ChG Ahoy, because it rocks, and wears like iron for me...

  49. Ooh I'll actually enter for this one! I love the blue polishes :D

    Name: Catherine
    Email: cosmicatty@gmail.com

    Polish of choice: This is TOUGH. I would have to say China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le though. I love the color and how it looks with my skintone, so it's a polish for all the seasons. I would have picked Essie Lapis of Luxury, which is close, but the China Glaze formula is way better.

  50. Name: Sierra
    Email: kumasmash SPLAT gmail dot com

    If I could only take one polish with me... Hmm, I'm guessing that base and top coats count as polishes, so taking that into account, I think I'd pick Essie Bobbing For Baubles. I love the color, it's very classy and flattering and suitable for pretty much any occasion. And the formula is flawless - the perfect consistency, a one-coater, and dries fast and shiny.

  51. Mich Yu

    I'd definitely take a bright red nail polish with me - it's classic and girly and goes with a lot of things! So I'd pick OPI Big Apple Red.

  52. nail crazy
    if i need to pick just one, it will be 'worth the risque' by color club... why - because i don't wear it as often as it deserves and it's really gorgeous polish that suits every situation :-D

  53. Laura
    I would take OPI- Thanks a windmillion. I looove the color and it's a color that I can wear for a while without getting bored of it :)

  54. I never used to like blue polishes but now I do!

    April Clark

    I would take OPI Hawaiian Orchid

  55. Name: Kay
    E-Mail: milyak (at) yahoo.com

    I would bring along Zoya's Charla just because it's a fun color that's easy to apply, dries fast, and is one of my favorite nail polishes.

  56. Name: Anna
    Email: dvora1ae(at)gmail.com

    This is the hard part. Either Essie Geranium or RBL Bangin. I love them both equally, so it's hard to choose.

    They are both the most *perfect* reds and go with everything!

  57. Awesome giveaway!

    Name: Khalei
    Email: khalei.fogle@gmail.com

    The polish that I would take with me if I could only take ONE...would be OPI Skull & Glossbones. For me, it's the perfect light neutral grey & I love it!

  58. The color of Rain Storm is so pretty, thank you for the opportunity to win it.

    claudbertrand at hotmail dot com
    I'd bring Bikini So Teeny from Essie. Current fave. So nice! Can't get enough of it this summer.

  59. Sarah
    GFC: Sewwy
    email: sarah@thelacquerdiaries.com

    I think I'd take Designer... De Better by OPI - It's a very neutral polish so it works with everything, but still glitzy for evenings!

  60. I'm probably too late, but here goes anyway


    My go-to default polish is Essence Irreplaceable (which is what China Glaze Fast Track is duping). So I'd probably go with that.


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