Tuesday, October 23, 2012

H&M Deep Deep Sea

I'm back from my weekend in Maryland (a couple photos to follow below).  Despite my misgivings about going, I'm incredibly happy that I did.  For most of the time I was by myself, but I woke up with Ben and fell asleep next to him, so it was worth it.  Even though to catch a bus back to New York yesterday I had to get up at 4am in order to leave at 6:30.  As I'm writing this I think the cup of coffee in my hand is the only thing keeping me alive.  Anyway, when I got back my nails looked all gross and chipped, so I knew I needed to fix them.  And I didn't have much time before my class.  Enter H&M Deep Deep Sea.

artificial light (I filed my ring nail too short and all wonky; ugh)
blur for sparkle

I call this one Untitled (Still Life with Iced Coffee)

This polish was a total impulse buy.  Last time I was in Cleveland I had forgotten to pack a black tank top, and for some reason I deemed this article of clothing essential enough that I stopped at H&M and bought one.  And I picked this up by the register for $3.95.  Worth it.  It's an interesting color; it sort of looks cornflower in some lights, indigo in others.  It's a frosty metallic shimmer that leaves no brushstrokes (which is basically the holy grail of metallics).  But the best part about this?  One.  Coat.  For real.  One coat and it was perfect.  So pigmented, so easy to apply.  It was wonderful because I was in a time crunch.

So, my time in Annapolis was nice.  For a lot of the time I stayed in the hotel and did work (which was fine by me; I haven't been somewhere with a tv for ages).  I also went shopping.  I hit up the local Anthropologie, and the sales section was out of control amazing.  I came home with something, but perhaps that's another post for another day.  Then on Sunday I decided to see where the main road would take me if I turned left instead of right, where all the shopping complexes were.  I found that if I drove ten minutes down the road I reached ocean.  Ten minutes further and the roads were idyllic and hilly and country-ish, and it was perfect, sunny fall weather.  The leaves were all turning, and god, it made me miss Ohio.  Also, I hadn't driven a car in a few months, and Ben had driven a 2003 Honda Civic, which is the same make and year as my car.  So driving around in that one felt so homey, and I was exceedingly happy to just drive and drive, looking at the foliage and basking in the not-city-ness of it all.  I did stop at a park and take some pictures.

I was literally IN the woods here.  I climbed beyond a bunch of sticks and brush just to sit.  On the ground.  And listen.  And smell.  It turned out to be an excellent idea.  I was relaxed.

But, all good things must end, and now I'm back in New York.  As soon as I got off the bus I walked literally 20 feet to the subway.  As soon as I was back at Grand Central I felt like I'd never left.  The next time I will see Ben is November for Thanksgiving and my birthday (!), so the countdown begins.  I actually have a test that I need to study for next Monday, so that will keep me busy this weekend.  Yay!  I have never been more excited about a midterm.


  1. I love one coat metallic foils!!!! Too back we don't have H&M in Australia - can you believe that? Craaazy! I am very happy your trip was a success, sounds like you got a bit of zen from mother nature and Ben)))

  2. beautiful photos but i adore the colours of your nails!

  3. I just love the fall leaves and all the colors! So pretty! Glad you had a good time with Ben


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