Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Essie Recessionista: One Polish Two Ways

I'm back in New York after the holiday weekend with my family, which is a little depressing.  But I see a light at the end of the tunnel, so I think I'm less upset than usual to be back here.  I just have to keep plugging away, and then I'll be home with Ben for five weeks.  Yay.  So, speaking of Ben, he picked Essie Recessionista for me while we were at Rite-Aid.  It's not one I would have normally chosen for myself because it looks pretty boring in the bottle, but I ended up really liking it once I put it on.  First I wore it with OPI Man With the Golden Gun.  It was a birthday gift from my aunts, and I was really excited about it.  As my Aunt Michele pointed out, it was a fun thing I probably never would have bought for myself.  So true.  Also, so fun.

As it turns out, the gold leaf in this polish is actually pretty sparse.  I did two coats on all of my fingers except my pointer, and as you can see that one has a bit more gold going on.  I didn't mind the sparse look, but I think next time I'll do more coats.  Also I think it might help to shake the bottle before you start applying, because the gold might be sinking to the bottom.  I'll have to experiment.  But, all in all, a totally cool concept.  I'm really excited to do different combinations with this one once I have the time.  Thanks, aunties :)  Also, no, the irony that I'm using a polish with 18k gold flakes over one called Recessionista is not lost on me.

For my next Recessionista-based manicure, I used a Shimmer Polish to create sort of a gradient starting at my cuticle.  I was really into this one.  Here's Recessionista with Shimmer Katherine.

UM.  All kinds of yes.  So very fall, isn't it?  I'll be honest; when I got a bunch of Shimmer Polishes from Cindy to review, I didn't think I'd like Katherine.  In the bottle it didn't look like it would be my favorite.  But on the nail it looks pretty awesome.  It's small bronze, red, maybe pink? glitter in a clear base.  But it's so dense that I'm reasonably certain it could be opaque on its own in 2-3 coats.  Anyway, Essie Recessionista is a win for me.  It's shiny and wonderful, isn't it?  And with both looks pictured, I only used two, easy coats.

If you want to check out Shimmer Polish Katherine for yourself, visit the Shimmer Polish Etsy store, check out the Facebook page, or have a look at the blog.  They run at $12/bottle, but for $15 you can get a custom glitter.  Which is a neat concept.  And stay tuned to my blog, because I'll be putting more up.

So, anyway, Thanksgiving.  Here are some things that happened.
 I petted and snuggled with my kitty (Alley).  You can just barely see OPI Dazzled by Gold, my birthday polish.
 I hung out with my cousin Mattie (who is awesome).  She taught me to make flowers out of duct tape, and we made one for each of our 24 Thanksgiving guests.
Also, I went for the full-on fringe bangs.
 Mattie is making the duct tape crafts while I school the boys on how to properly play The Lion King for Sega Genesis (I have achieved what is known as EXPERT BALLER STATUS--because I've been playing that game and only that game for like two decades).  That's Mattie's brother Jacob over yonder, and Ben, who apparently has a migraine from how awesome I am.
 My dad makes THE BEST Bloody Marys.  Also, as you may be able to see from my shoulder, I did end up wearing my offensive-on-many-levels Forever21 sweater.  And yes, after considering it for close to an entire day, Ben did say to me, "Hey.  I like that sweater."  My mom also got me this coat for my birthday, which I absolutely LOVE.  Will it, too, join the ranks of the offensive sweater?  Only time will tell.
 Some plane photography on my way back to NYC with my new iPhone 5.  Thanks mom and dad!
 New York City from above.
Ben got me this ring (on my ring finger).  I love it.
Also this.

This past Monday, upon my return, I finished my fellowship hours (YAY), and yesterday--normally my work day--I shut myself in and wrote and wrote and wrote.  Most of what I wrote is crappy, but hey, it's getting done.  And I had my Pandora Christmas station on while I wore a scarf and drank tea, so I like to think my time here is festive enough.

Anyway, that's what's up.  I hope you all had as nice a holiday as I did.


  1. You need to do 2 coats of the Man With The golden Gun to get it to turn out right - or I also do a little dabbing technique to get the flakes placed evenly across the nail bed. It only takes a little time to get it fixed right...and the pay off it amazing! Do play with it. I like mine best so far worn over the burple (looks purple to me) from the Skyfall collection - Tomorrow Never Dies I think is the name of this one...surprised myself because I would have thought I would go for a deep berry like Casino Royale (OPI) which OPI used for months in their promo photos for MWGG - or thought I would have used it over a red first because I think warm red with gold is stunning...but I cannot get over how much I love it over a semi metallic looking purple

    1. Turn out RIGHT? I think it looks fine the way I did it. C'mon. I got my own STYLE, girl.

  2. Pretty nails! I love red nail polish dark,light, berry, deep, bright reds of all shades! I have red hair, and when it comes to clothes I can't really wear a lot of reds because it clashes, but I can wear red nail polish or lipstick. The gold leaf is so pretty. You do a great job on your nails. Wish I was that skilled at that. I can never keep my hands from shaking when I do my nails.

    BTW I'm new to your blog. My name is Sarah, and I am now following.



  3. Recessionista is one of my fave colors this autumn! Not the most unique in the bottle, but I love it on my nails.

    Got to tell you, I'm digging that coat. Who wants to walk around in cookie cutter fasions? Not this girl! I'm sure that coat looks awesome on you.


    1. Isn't it weird how something can fall flat in the bottle and then be awesome on your hands? It baffles me.

      The coat is amazing. BB Dakota does good work, let me tell you.


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