Monday, December 03, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge Santa Fe

A little while ago Rach over at stuff i (s)watched posted about her lackluster feelings over the color of Rescue Beauty Lounge Sante Fe.  So I told her that I would take it off her hands.  Literally.  Being the awesome lady she is, Rach sent me not only RBL Santa Fe but also a package full of goodies.  Including chocolate.  That chocolate is gone now, but I can show you the polish.
this one is most color accurate
I'm pretty great because I have Jasper Johns' Map hanging in my apartment for just such an occasion
this is how it looks under a lamp

I haven't really been keeping it a secret that I'm not a huge fan of Rescue Beauty Lounge anymore.  I posted a while ago about how the polishes just don't last on me, and that's the biggest reason (but not the only reason) I won't throw down $20 plus $7 shipping. 

Santa Fe isn't a color I would have chosen to buy on my own, and I wasn't sure I would like it.  But, I absolutely love it.  I love it.  I think it suits my skin tone and I love how it looks on me.  It's sort of a burnt orange that leans coral, and we all know how I feel about coral.  It has really delicate gold and green shimmer running through it that's not visible all the time, which is my only complaint.  The shimmer is what makes this orange special, so I'd like to be able to see it more often.  As always with Rescue Beauty Lounge, the formula was impeccable.  Thick but self-leveling and a joy to apply.  I used two coats.  It's still in stock if you want to purchase it here.  

Thanks, Rach!  This one made me really happy.  I'm glad to give it a good home.

What I did this weekend:
snuggled way up in my cold-ass apartment writing two papers and one presentation.  I'm still enjoying my Halloween blanket in December.  Jack Skellington would be proud.
My best friend's mom makes me homemade fortune cookies.  She writes all the fortunes herself.  I got this one while I was struggling to write the conclusion for my paper on Carleton Watkins, and I decided to just stop thinking.

A hipster set up a Christmas tree lot at the corner of 118th and 3rd.  If you zoom in you can see his sweater with a buffalo on it.  I covet it.  These trees smell great.

Anyway, just truckin' along.  I have a presentation of the Watkins paper today at 2, my textiles seminar paper was due yesterday, and when I go home I immediately have to start super intense work on a paper that's due on the 12th.  After that I have one more presentation and two final exams.  Eff.  That's a lot of work.  

Happy Monday, all.


  1. I really like so many RBLs but I just can't afford them. Le sigh. I'll just treasure my only one I have...

    1. Yellow Fever? I thought I remembered you posting on that.

      I like Insouciant. But I'm just going to wait for someone to dupe it. It'll happen!

  2. I knew when you said you wanted it that the coral tones would look amazing on you -- and they do! (Esp. with that Jasper Johns map.) So happy this bottle has such a loving home.

    ALSO: The chocolate I sent you is my favorite thing ever, so please tell me you liked it. (As if the fact that you devoured it wasn't convincing enough ...)

    1. Thanks girl.

      Uh, I loved the chocolate. It was a different flavor than I've ever had before. Also, confession: I definitely ate much of it for dessert after my meal of chana masala. It could not have been more perfect (Indian food is my favorite food, hands down).

  3. The RBL polish looks fantastic on you. I doubt everyone could pull it off, but you rock it.

    I recognize the corner of 118th and 3rd. I used to live in NYC, altho not that far uptown. And I love his buffalo jacket, too. I think we have similar taste in clothing, read: eclectic. LOL!

    Best of luck in all your studies. Majoring in art history (and textile history, if I recall correctly)must be very detailed and time consuming. But, if you didn't love it, you wouldn't be doing it, right?

    Take care and hang on until Xmas break. You can do it, girl!!

    1. Thanks! I've seen this polish look nice on a few people, too.

      I'm getting a PhD in art history with a focus on 19th century American painting and visual culture. I've actually never studied textiles before this semester, yet somehow I am writing two Renaissance papers on textiles/fabrics/embroideries, etc. I'm definitely falling in love with Italian Ren. all over again.

      You're right, I can do it! Just have to keep plugging away.

  4. I love this color as well! The shimmer really makes it I think! Personally, I'm against real Christmas trees- I think it's sad to cut them down just for a few days of decoration but that's just me! Maybe I would have felt differently had I grown up with real trees instead of the plastic tree you put together! Oh but the memories of us kids fighting over who got which section of the tree since some had more than others. Seems so silly now! I do love the smell of the real- I have candles for that! Sorry for the ramble

    1. I don't really have an opinion on Christmas trees. Well, I guess I'm partial to the live ones. My dad and I usually go every year to pick out a tree together (which we both then bitch about watering, and we constantly have to chase the cats away from it). Just remember what Joey told Phoebe: the trees are just fulfilling their Christmas destiny.


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