Thursday, April 04, 2013

CND Shellac Asphalt and Many Photos

As promised, here I am again.  My spring break was nice, but it seemed to go by so quickly.  The day before I left Ben and I were snugglin' and he said, "I wish we could just go back to the day you got here."  Which, yes.  I always feel that way when I have to leave.  But I'm looking forward to some things changing.  That, however, is news for another day sometime down the line.  Until then, here's my Shellac manicure that I mentioned yesterday.  It's a week old by now, but I thought I could show you guys the color anyway.

with my leopard skinny jeans that I bought in January, promptly forgot about, left at my parents', and rediscovered over break
as of day 7 there's a little tipwear

I told Ben that I just wanted to get a gel manicure so that I could not worry about my nails.  He dropped me off at a place and then went off to a game exchange place to, I assume, look at video games while I had my nails done.  Then he came back and paid, which was nice.  I really like this color and I'm not sick of it yet at all.  Kind of weird, because in the springtime usually all I want to wear are light and airy colors (and I have several of those lined up to show you for the future).  I'll probably attempt to remove this myself toward the end of the week and get back into my regular polishing routine (okay, when I typed that I actually thought that today was Tuesday instead of Thursday.  I have no idea what's going on right now).

So, here are some spring break pictures.  Ben took most of these because he constantly carries around a camera.  I'm thankful for that because I'm really bad at taking pictures.  I'm good at making memories, I just suck at documenting them.

One of my favorite places to go in the Cleveland area is Chagrin Falls, because it has this cute tiny town feel and a nice waterfall
I also like Chagrin Falls because of Jeni's, an ice cream place native to Columbus but we now have one in Cleveland.  This is me with ice cream in my mouth being like, holy shit you have to try this one (banana cajeta).
In an antique store I found this old timey German book that I tried to read.  I could pick out a few words and grammatical constructions, but otherwise no dice.
We went to the lake house.

We tried out my mom's NEW AS-YET-UNRIDDEN bike (sorry mom--it has a basket and a bell and we couldn't resist).
On our way back home Ben insisted we stop so he could take pictures of this collapsing house out in the middle of nowhere.  Actually it was downwind from a chicken farm...where I'm convinced they are only farming chicken poop (judging by the smell).

We colored (and painted) eggs.  I was starting to come down with a cold this day (which I still have) so I don't look particularly chipper.  Even with that energy drink.
We made a couple Easter baskets.  This one was for my parents.

My mom's Easter table all set for lunch.
Back on the plane.
Manhattan from the air.  It looks so tiny from above.
 For a belated Christmas gift (long story) my parents got me this iPad Mini. it.  Ben and I have taken to calling it a "derp device" because you really can't use it for anything other than derping around the internet and playing games and watching Netflix.  And I am so okay with that.  I love that now I can work on my laptop and watch Netflix at the same time without switching between windows (I had to do that before because I don't have a tv--first world problem, I know).  And it's the perfect size to take with me on the subway and to class, etc.
It fits in well with the rest of my Apple devices.  Pictured:  my MacBook Pro, iPhone 5, iPad Mini.  Not pictured:  my iPhone 4 (which I now use as an iPod Touch/device solely to hold music and podcasts) and my iPod Nano (which I use for quick trips out).  I'm an Apple nut.

So yeah, I'm back now.  I have two papers to write (haven't started researching) and two finals to worry about, but not for many weeks.  I also received an extra fellowship (which, yay money) so it's officially confirmed I'll be working in New York through most of the summer.  Right now that's a difficult reality.  I don't have any visits home to look forward to yet (maybe Memorial Day weekend?) so I once again feel sort of...ugh.  But I will definitely be ridiculously busy until the semester ends so maybe that will keep my mind off of the ugh.  But first I have to get over this stupid cold that at the moment feels totally debilitating.  I could only do half a day at work on Wednesday because I felt so weird and out of it, and half days are very unlike me.  Also Ben now has my cold.  I can tell myself that it's cute that we're nursing the same illness when we're miles and miles apart but it sucks way worse for him because he has to work for the next two weeks straight for like twelve hours a day.  I'm worried about him.  Anyway.  Colds suck.  I always seem to get one in April which totally blows because I love April.  

Okay.  As this posts I will hopefully be sleeping in because Thursday is the only day that I can.  Thanks for waiting for me while I took a little break!


  1. I love that color of Shellac, but be SUPERRRRR careful removing. It seems everytime I get Shellac'd I end up with wicked damage on my nails somehow. Which has led me to hate gel polish.

    1. Yeah, I had problems with that the only other time I ever got Shellac. Maybe I'll get it professionally removed.

  2. I love that picture of the falling down old house. When I drive to my mom's, I pass one that has gotten significantly worse over the winter. I would love to take some pictures before it's totally down on the ground, but I see if from the interstate and can't figure out how to get to it...

  3. Okay, I totally agree with you about the break going too soon! And congratulations on the fellowship.

    But, really I wanted to post about the ice cream! They sell Jeni's at one of my grocery stores, and it is $11.99 for a little pint! So, of course, that makes me want to try it even more because it has to be really good, right? So did you have a particular flavor that was awesome there?

    I love the kind of greys you're rocking on your nails right now, but I'm not sure I could handle the outgrowth from a gel manicure. It looks great on you though!

    1. I LOVE Jeni's. My absolute favorite flavor is Bangkok Peanut. The one I got last time was Banana Cajeta and it was AMAZING. I also love their Pistachio.

  4. Love that gray. Must find a dupe.

    1. I'm sure there are a ton of dupes for that shade of gray.

  5. I just hafta say....your bangs always look cute!

  6. I use my old iPhone 3G as an iPod like you! How funny is that? Glad I'm not the only one. So I have 8gs or so of music loaded so far and my real iPhone 4 soon to be 5 in may holds the rest of my life. I do have a regular iPad an use it for reading my nail blogs. It's so awesome for that! Hope you're feeling better!

    1. Super useful not to have to clog up my actual phone with so much music.


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